Grand Theft Auto V

Cayo Perico Heist DLC Megathread

GrandTheftAutoV2 - Cayo Perico Heist DLC Megathread

It's here boys and girls! The Cayo Perico DLC has been released!

"Unlike previous Heists, there is no specific style when it comes to approaching Cayo Perico.

Once you’ve gathered the necessary gear, you can choose to complete as much (or as little) set-up and planning as you want – though be warned that these decisions will, in turn, affect the way the action unfolds. If you want to call in an airstrike or use a cutting torch to burn through steel beams, for example, you would be well advised to put the time in beforehand.

Once all the groundwork is laid down, you can nail down your final details before approaching Cayo Perico. These choices include how you infiltrate and escape the island, your weapons loadouts, air support, and even the operation’s time of day. As a result, no two approaches are alike on subsequent playthroughs. And repeat visits will allow you to heist valuable artifacts and other valuables as they become available.

There is also a load of extra opportunities you can use to play to your advantage, such as breaking into storage lockups to raid hidden stashes of cash and contraband to bolster your bottom-line and fatten up your take. These chances and the tools necessary to complete them will rarely be found in the same place twice – some are only accessible when playing with multiple players, so joining up with friends is very much encouraged."

This Megathread will serve as the place to discuss all things related to the DLC. We will be updating this as more information is released, so keep checking back.

The Heist works very similarly to the Casino Heist. You have to hack cameras and scope out locations.

Important Links: (Added once they become available)

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Cayo Perico Simple Question and FAQ Post

Official Trailer

Newswire Article

Patch Notes


Playstation – LIVE – 6.8GB


Xbox – LIVE – 6.6GB

PC – Live – 9.3GB

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DLC release Crew Event info

Weekly Update Thread

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Misc Info:

Kosatka(sub) is $2.2 million to start, up to $9.8 million with everything, and IS DRIVEABLE!

Two new vehicles available with the Kosatka:

Sparrow (Small Helicopter) Can be equipped with machine guns or missiles.

Kraken Avisa (Small Sub)

Island is not available in Free Mode

No New vehicles on SSA or LM at release. These vehicles will be dripfed to us over the coming weeks and months.

6 new vehicles available on release day, the Submarine and 5 more with trade prices unlocked by completing the Heist. Link to new vehicle pics and prices.

Winky (Jeep) $825,000 – $1,100,000

Kurtz 31 Patrol Boat(Gunboat) $2,216,250 – $2,955,000

RO-86 (Bomber) $3,262,500 – $4,250,000

Annihilator Stealth (Helicopter) $2,902,500 – $3,870,000

Toreador (Car/Sub) $3,660,000

Longfin (Boat) $2,125,000

New weapons:

Perico Pistol

Military Rifle – $397,500

Combat Shotgun – $295,000

The Free Vehicle from the Heist Challenge will be Available this Friday and will be the Dinka Veto Classic go-kart.

Twitch Prime Members get the Sonar Add On for Free

Rockstar Cloud Save Issue Solved

Cayo Perico Heist DLC Wiki Guide

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