Grand Theft Auto V

Collector DLC concept

GrandTheftAutoV7 - Collector DLC concept

The collector dlc would be a medium size exspansion upon the import/ export dlc

The dlc would add

New building exspansion New cars and bikes New trailers New weapons New vehicle varients

As usual most pictures I use do not belong to me and we shall start with the building exspansion and how the dlc kicks off

Contact and building exspansion

With every dlc we get a new contact but due to this update being a exspansion you will instead get a call from your ceo assistant telling you that the head mechanic at the import garage has a idea for a exspansion for the business and he has uploaded the blueprint to the ceo computer


Once you log into the computer you will have two options you can buy a import/ export garage exspansion which will unlock a new area whivh in the garage whivh will include a new computer, semi and trailer storage and a vehicle workshop ( this choice is only available if you already have a import/export garage purchased)

The second option will be available if you don't own a import export garage , you can also purchase it if you already own a import export garage but it will cost more money.

The second option would be to buy a medium size chop shop it will include the same options as the exspansion but it will not include any original import/export features

As usual there will multiple different locations for the chop shops to prevent camping


With all dlcs when you first enter the building you'll be entered into a cutscene for the collector dlc you'll enter the exspansion or chop shop to meet the head mechanic who will seem very energetic as he shows you around the shop showing you the vehicle workshop then leading into the semi storage revealing the starter semi and flat bed

You then end in the custom office which you can customize colors, styles and decorations

The mechanic will then exsplain there have become a high demand for rare and chopped vehicles due to them being illegal in los santos The system

After your done the introduction you can now access the computer.

The computer will be a similar system to the collection in import/export showing the cars you need to sell in a set or as individuals each will have there own money benifts


There will be different kind of sell missions depending on the equipment you have bought ( cover later) and how many cars and type of sell

The two major different sell types are the normal money priority sell missions and the equipment priority sell missions

Money priority

Money priority will be similar to import/ export you will source a certain car and then have to do tasks to get the car and it will then be stored in sea cans in a underground floor of the chop shop or exspansion and then once a collect is completed you will then deliver the vehicles ( method vary depending on equipment and amount of cars)

Equipment priority

Equipment priority will work slightly different you will source the cars and then chop them and deliver them upon delivery you might get ethier new parts for ethier a new transport vehicle or a rat rod and will have to deliver it back to the shop


Transport vehicles

With this update you will unlock new transport ranging from small flatbed to six car transport semi's

Some transport vehicles will immediately be unlocked some you will unlock or build through doing equipment sell missions

Starter transport

The first transport vehicle you get will be a one car flatbed that you will get as a starter with the building or exspansion

You can then upgrade it for armor, engine and the usual upgrades you can then upgrade the bed to attach personal vehicles and have a tow hitch to attach any vehicle

The other vehicles you will unlock or build are

Personal trailer

The personal trailer can be called out like the anti aircraft and you will be able to attach personal or other players vehicles

Semi transport

The semi transport comes in two varients the 3 car and the larger 6 car This semi will be able to store one of your cars and some of your friends or random vehicles

You can also get a inclosed trailer that can store 3 cars and help prevent damage to vehicles in transportation

Peterbelt semi you can also get a Peterbelt custom to use on any trailer

Buildable tansport vehicles will have an option to become a personal vehicle Each vehicle will take a different amount of parts to build and getting parts vary from equipment or ordering them from the part screen in the computer ( cheaper to get from equipment missions )

Ford F-150 flatbed Chevy flatbed Heavy duty tow truck

Both flat beds can transport small vehicles while the tow truck can be used to tow any vehicle including semi's

New vehicles

With this dlc would come the release of multiple new vehicles ranging from classic luxury to rat rods

Mazda RX -7 2002 bagged cheverolet Silverado 2003 dyna super glide fxd 1965 lincoln continental ( 4 door, rear suicide doors) 1985 Gmc Sierra 4×4 short bed 1932 ford Tudor Miltary humvee Trophy rat 1959 Cadillac Eldorado 1963 Galaxie 500

Which this update will include new varients for cars already in the game these vehicles will include

Bravado Bison Whivh will turn into a bagged bravado custom

Which will turn into a 1990 beetle

Bobcat Which will turn into a lifted square body

Dune loader Which will turn into a heavy duty 6×6

Hustler Which will turn into a rat rod varient

All new varients will be available through Bennys arena workshop or the chop shop vehicle workshop

New weapons

Which this update will also be 3 weapons whivh would be the 1911 .45 ( criminal varient ) Glock And M16 each weapon were originally shown in trailers and loading screens but never released and with this update being more towards the underworld side I figured they would fit in

That's all for this dlc as usual if you have suggestions for other dlcs or comments or questions leave them down below and remember to stay tuned for more dlc concepts

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