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Cops are so bad in this game

GrandTheftAutoV5 - Cops are so bad in this game

I gotta say this, but I really feel like Rockstar has almost sucked all the fun out of rampaging against the cops. It's gone from something that is fun and challenging to something that I actively avoid doing because it's such a chore and an impossible task that I will go out of my way to avoid starting shit, and that's sad for a GTA game.

-Helicopters literally respawn instantly. I shoot one down, and not even 5 seconds later, another one is on my radar and shining a light on me. And when you get to 5 stars, they are like fucking wasps everyfuckingwhere.

-The authorities seem to have omniscience about what you do. Should you kill someone in an isolated area, you often get instant stars. I get that maybe someone far off heard the shot echo, but how do they know my exact position, the car I'm driving, and what I look like?

-Their accuracy is nothing short of godlike. I can't believe the marksmanship skills of the LSPD officers on the side of wobbling helicopters chasing a running man in a dark cityscape. I think they may be some kind of fraternal assassin order that kills people based on the binary-coded errors in a sewing machine for some reason, because I don't know how to explain it.

-You really can't go on long car chases, either. Every cop car has some kind of batmobile jet propulsion system that allows them to ram you at any speed you might be at, and they'll box you in and literally gun you down before you can even get out. Or, they'll hit your car with enough force to jam the wheels out of alignment and force you to try to escape at a mile an hour (and be instantly gunned down) or get out your car and flee on foot (but you'll be dead before taking a step).

-It also seems like your level goes up very quickly. Kill a cop? Instant three stars. Shoot helicopter? Four. Blow up a couple more vehicles? Five. And you're now dead from supersnipers that never miss.


-The cop cars don't even spawn realistically. Isn't it a little convenient that several police officers were patrolling around the quarry right before a homicidal maniac happened to fly past in a rusty truck? Good for them. Heading up Mt. Chiliad? No worries, there are already four units on the mountain as we speak. I'm surprised they weren't driving around at the ocean floor when I got in a submarine. I guess that's one area they don't have absolutely locked down.

-Body armor barely gives you an edge. GTA IV gave you an equal amount. V only gives you half as much armor as health, even with the most expensive vest.

-Cops don't seem to even sweep areas realistically. It's odd how, even if I'm hiding somewhere really obscure, they always fan out in a way that leads all of them directly to where I am. They aren't even searching the entire area, just slowly making their way perfectly in my direction while checking corners to make it look like they aren't homing towards you.

The reason why this bugs me so much is that Rockstar is pretty clear about wanting to make GTA more grounded in reality. And it works with things like how vehicles take damage and whatnot, but it also makes the things that are totally unrealistic stand out like a sore thumb. And it also seems like the realism is only at play when stacked against you, not for you. That's why the cops have an omniscience towards who committed a crime in a completely rural area and have perfect aim, but you Flexington down a helicopter and be clear of enemy air for more than three seconds.

Unless this is all Rockstar's attempt to psychologically condition us all to fear and listen to real officers of the law because we think they have infinite choppers and can bend bullets.

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