Grand Theft Auto V

Cops n crooks DLC concept

GrandTheftAutoV6 - Cops n crooks DLC concept

this cop and crook dlc concept will include

New buildings/interiors New vehicles New emotes New weapons/ gadgets Story missions New heists New stores New vehicle abilities

This concept will include both stuff for cops and criminals

Introduction( crooks

This dlc will start by getting a phone call from a unknown number calling to let you know multiple ex spec ops buildings are for sale and they have a business proposal if you buy one,

Once you go to spec ops building (customization exsplained in crooks section) you'll be pup in a cutscene explaining that the person who called you has a plan for multiple heists and need a crew to pull them off, the guy then gives you a tour of the spec ops station showing you the armory, command center, vehicle/ heist equipment storage, personal room, and a weapon/ vehicle workshop.

After the tour is over he leads you to a new car in the center of the room and explains to you that the trunk is filled with narcotics to trade for heist equipment.

First mission (crooks)

After the introduction you will have to drive a Tampa gasser to paleto bay to the exchange along the way you will notice that there will a increase in cop cars new and old, one you get to paleto you will be entered into a cutscene of the exhange

After the exchange you will then have to drive a mule towards sandy once you past the ls customs in paleto you will be put in another cutscene of your charcter getting flagged over by cops at a cheak point where you will then be arrested

Introduction ( cops )

After being arrested your screen will go black and you will then be put in a cutscene in a police interogation room where a normal cop will be questioning you the cop will slowly be getting angry due to our charecters mute personalities the officer is then told to leave as he is replaced the head of a spec op unit

The officer then releases you from the interogation room keeping you handcuffed, he leads you to a elavator and takes you down to a basement level, revealing a slightly set up police operations, the officer then shows you around the operation explaining that his unit is in charge of taking down high priority criminals ranging from heist crews to human traffickers and on exhange for helping his unit we won't only not go to jail but they will also provide us with equipment to better do the job,


Each group has there own hangouts which will have access to there own exclusive customization, weapon upgrades, stores, personal quarters, and garage space

Crooks hideouts

The crooks hideout is the old spec ops buildings that have been converted into a criminal HQ that specializes in high risk high reward heists within these hideouts are a store ( exsplain later ) a heist garage area for heist vehicles, a customizable personal quarters, as well as a lounge/ bar, the crooks hideout also can come with a purchasable weapon armory/ workshop

There is also the main planning room where you will trigger most the missions and planning

The crooks hideout can come in multiple locations and will be purchased through maze bank foreclosure

Police hideout

The police have there own hideout that will become available after the police introduction for free upgrades will have to be purchased once unlocked

The police hideout is a unground level of the vinewood police station within the basic police hideout is a store, ( more on later ) it also comes with a unit garage where u can store police and personal vehicles along with special vehicles, the base station also comes with a lounge/bar as well the last base station comes with a command center where you can buy upgrades, order new police cars and start missions.

The upgrade option would consist of a personal quarters, a armory/ weapon workshop, you could also get a police mechanic to upgrade police vehicles with different packages( more later )


With this update will add new stores for both the crooks and cops both that will have there own abilities, weapons, and gadgets

Crooks store The crooks store will consist of more illegal, out of country items

Weapons – M1911( gangster .45) – M16 – harpoon gun ( works as a Teather between the ground and a vehicle ) – thermite bomb ( works as a sticky bomb that once triggered emits a explosion X2 the size of a sticky as well as covers the area in fire)

Clothes – sleeveless hoodies ( hoods can go up ) – cuts with hoodies ( leather cut with a hoodie underneath) – face Bandanas ( Bandana mask without glasses or hat ) – Gang pants ( jeans with different options for a bandanna around ankle)

Gadgets – zipties ( works like handcuffs / more later ) – grapple ( creates a rope which puts u in a animation to scale a building ) – taser ( a Melee weapon that knocks a opponent on the ground making available I handcuff or ziptie – under barrel grenade launcher ( can be purchased then equipped on a mk 2 weapon at weapon workshop )


Police store The police store consist of legal and task force items

Weapons – taser/ pistol ( ranged weapon that will knock down a suspect making available for arrest ) – Glock

Clothing – police uniforms ranging from – lspd uniform
-bcpd uniform -swat -undercover – spec ops And a custom takedown unit outfit

  • custom gun holsters -Weapon assessories Guns slung over back

Gadgets – handcuffs ( restrains suspect allowing arresting officer to move and put suspect in vehicle / same works for zip ties ) – smoke gernades ( area fills up with gray smoke making players disappear from map if in auto aim will eliminate lock on whike in smoke ) Flares ( doesn't have a use ) – K9 unit ( a compain dog that will can come out with you during police missions that will track suspects and detain them to be cuffed once kill dog goes into cooldown) Spike strips ( a placeable mine that will pop a suspects tires upon contact) Lock break ( allows you to break into a suspect vehicle in less time)

Vehicles + customization packages

New vehicles would be added for both sides, both can be used in normal freeroam and missions

Crook vehicles

2003 harley Davison dyna super glide 1985 impala Mazda RX -7 Nissan S14

Heist vehicles

Heist gauntlet 2016 Chevrolet Express Armored 2019 ram custom ( snow plow ) HYV barrackade custom

Crook packages New vehicles will come with new custom packages crooks will be able to get

  • speed hunter ( racing slicks with powershot Nos)
  • drift ( cambered with a widebody kit )
  • heist ( reinforced chassis with a ram on the front end equipped with powershot Nos )

Police vehicles

  • undercover adui
  • undercover Shelby GT500
  • marked Shelby GT500
  • marked konisegg
  • marked schlagen GT
  • undercover 2015 dodge charger
  • undercover taho
  • marked lamborghini aventador

Task force cars

  • riot truck -marked reinforced 2015 ram
  • Lenco bearcat ( swat )
  • armory mule ( mobile armory )
  • pursuit Corvette C7R

Along with all already in game police vehicles

Police packages The police packages will persist of

Pursuit package ( the pursuit package contains street tires and powershot Nos )

Takedown package ( reinforced chassis with a ram along with bullet resistant windows )

Undercover package ( blacked out windows with hidden red and blue lights )

Missions / story ( crooks

The crooks have straight forward missions that are set up in heist format with some having preset ups that will be available in freeroam but all will lead to a selection of new heists

The new heists would be

  • paleto bay bank
  • ammunation convoy
  • casino heist
  • Vangelico Jewellery Store Heist
  • bravado warehouse raid
  • union depository

These are only some possible heists I have in mind each would have there own preset ups and setups

Police missions

The police missions start off as freeroam arrest missions where you call the head officer for some jobs he will then send you out of some low priority arrest missions where you will have to use a taser to subdue and then handcuff and bring them back to the station

After a few low priority missions the head officer will start calling you from time to time about higher priority targets like like human traffickers, and other criminals, you will then have to go into there compounds and arrest them

High priority criminals

There will be multiple high priority criminals that you will need a small task force to arrest these These missions will start by you getting a call from the head of the unit telling you that they are ready to go after a high priority target and you are need in the command center
Once you get to the command center you will be in a unique cutscene depending on which criminal you are going after, the different high priority criminals are,

Multiple Texan cartel members Multiple Chinese Some high time drug dealers Martian madrazo ( gets set free ) ( lack of evidence ) As well as some diffrent heist crews

New emotes

With this update would come a variety of new emotes as listed

Welder ( charecter brings out small welder and appears to weld )

Cuff ( charecter pulls out handcuffs and points forward)

Microphone ( charecter pulls out a speaker and appears to make a annocement )

Arrested ( charecter puts hands behind head and gets on knees )

This concludes this dlc concept if you have any questions or suggestions for the next concept feel free to comment and if you would like more leave a like

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