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[Customer Service Story] Technical Twinkies

GrandTheftAutoV4 - [Customer Service Story] Technical Twinkies

The Karin Technical didn't always have bullet proof tires…

So this is an old support ticket from between May 17th and June 4th 2015 GTA5 Online was brand new when bugs and hackers ran wild with reckless abandon, and support was, at best, in denial that anything was wrong. If you ever feel powerless against customer support, this is how you keep your cool and create change.

Background: I had spent real world money for in game currency (Ahh to be young and dumb again) and had purchased the The Karin Technical from Pegasus for $950,000. Which at the time was a lot. In the heist it was an indestructible machine of death. The game world version however lacked a very important feature… Bullet proof tires. Anytime you so much as sneezed in the vicinity of a police officer they would shoot out your huge exposed tires and you would slide around like an stick of butter in a frying pan armed with a DShK Machine Gun manned by a Trevor wannabe.

Needless to say I was none to happy about this so I submitted a ticket asking for a refund of in-game currency or a rectification of the problem. Here is the transcript… only edits I made where my name and the support person's names cause I'm sure someone caught some flack for this. My personal comments are in Italics.

—————Start Transcript———————

Shintoxx, May 17, 05:01:

I feel really ripped off. I just spent $950,000 on the Technical, (truck with the mounted machine gun on it) and the tires are not even bullet proof. You can get a tank for $600,000 more and the thing is nearly indestructible. Id like my $950,000 back. You would think you would get a half decent vehicle for that price, not a pile of junk.


(Support person 1), May 18, 03:28:

Hello Shintoxx,

Thank you for contacting technical support of Rockstar . Sorry you're having difficulties in the game play.

We remind you that we are technical assistance and that we respond to issues related to technical difficulties , ie if the game does not work well or at all .

For questions about the progress of the game, we advise you to read your game manual , visit forums and sites dedicated to the game.

Thank you for your understanding.


(Support person 1)Rockstar Support


Shintoxx, May 19, 17:00:

Well I appreciate your copy and paste reply which equals out to a "Buggeroff we can't/won't help you", as I cant post any issues I have with the game in the community as I have not been a social club member for longer then a month.

I'm looking for an in game refund, if you cant do that in your department please point me in the general direction where I can inquire about this.

I'm starting to wonder why I bothered to spend real money on in game cash where I can walk into nearly any session and ask for someone to shoot Millions of dollars at me with their chain gun.


(Support person 1) May 19, 18:46:

Hello Shintoxx,

Thank you for contacting Rockstar Support.

After reviewing your account we are determined that we are unable to provide funds for an in game items where there's no major issue we are Technical Support and there isn't any Technical issues.

Please let us know if you have any other issues or concerns.

Best regards

(Support person 1)Rockstar Support


Shintoxx May 22, 01:40:

It's great that you sent me the same response as the first time, explaining what I already know, but again, could you tell me where I could go to receive support on this matter? Better yet explain where I go to get a refund to my steam account for the money purchased.


(Support person 1), May 25, 04:13:

Hello Shintoxx,

Thanks for contacting Rockstar Support,

After reviewing your account we have not seen nothing wrong Technical Support wise, The actual game isn't broken or have technical malfunctions, physically or network wise, we here at Rockstar don't give any funds back for purchased items that was bought by the customer's.

Please let us know if you have any other issues or concerns.

Best regards,

(Support person 1)Rockstar Support


Shintoxx May 26, 00:03:

The Technical has bullet proof tires during the heist, when you purchase the technical, which is part of the heist update, and have it delivered it does not have bullet proof tires.

I was mislead into buying this vehicle which claimed to be the technical from the heist, therefor it should have bulletproof tires.

Because of this error I would either like a refund of the $950,000 in game currency or have the technical fitted with bulletproof tires promptly.


(Support person 1), May 26, 01:38:

Hello Shintoxx,

Thank you for contacting Rockstar Support,

Unfortunatly we here at Rockstar doesn't give refunds for purchased items bought by choice from the customer now if there's a technical issue feel free to contact Rockstar Support for further assistance.

Please let us know if there any other Technical issues or concerns.

Best regards,

(Support person 1)Rockstar Support


Shintoxx May 26, 21:53:

My "Choice" was to buy a vehicle with bullet proof tires. What I'm failing to see is how you are having a difficult time understanding the issue.Lets say you see a Twinky at the coffee shop in the display. looks pretty good, so you order a Twinky, and the lady behind the counter hands you a piece of bread rolled up with some creme in the middle instead. Then you say "Sorry I wanted a Twinky, not a piece of bread with some creme in the middle"She replies "Sorry this is what you ordered"Then you look at her and say "that is not a Twinky, its a piece of bread with some creme in the middle! I'd like my money back."Then she says "Unfortunately* we here at the coffee shop don't give refunds for purchased items bought by choice from the customer now if there's a technical issue with your Twinky feel free to contact Coffee shop Support for further assistance."


What would you do in this situation? Take your rolled up bread creme and walk away, or keep pushing until you make sure you get what you paid for and that it doesn't happen to anyone else? Cause I'm the latter type.Take a note from Blizzard and try putting the customer first. I know you don't want to because I'm coming off like a jerk, but if you dropped cash on what turned out to be a dog turd in pretty wrapping paper, I'd bet you would be pretty pissed.

The "Choice" was to buy the Technical from the Heist, I did NOT receive the Technical from the Heist.I assure you, I will not let up on this issue until I feel like a valued customer.

Please (Support person 1), for both our sanities, Just make the refund so we can get on with our lives.


(Support person 1), May 27, 23:44:

Hello Shintoxx,

We deeply apologize for any inconvenience this has caused you. Your case has been escalated to the proper department. Please note, cases are addressed in the order they are received. We appreciate your patience.

Best regards,

(Support person 1)Rockstar Support


Shintoxx**, May 31, 03:06:**

Although we are headed in the right direction, we still have not reached the solution to the issue. It was a $900,000 in game purchase not $200,000. Please refund the full amount.


I then received an email along with $200,000 in game currency, but the support ticket reply was quickly deleted from the ticket history, however I was still emailed the original message. That message was followed by this response.


(NEW Support person 2), Jun 1, 09:15:

Hello Shintoxx,

We are sorry to inform you that we cannot provide you a compensation in this regard. As the game is designed in such a way, we don't have the option to provide you with a compensation. We are sorry for not being of much help in this case.

Please let us know if there is anything else we can assist you with.

Best regards,

(Support Person 2)Rockstar Support


Jun 2, 00:28:

I mean if a non-rock star employee can hack your game and remove my cars from my garage surely the people who created the game can reset/remove just one permission for just one vehicle.And don't think I didn't notice you deleted the previous email.You had offered to gift me $200,00 in game cash, I'd say it's plenty possible for you to remove the technical from my account and refund the $900,000 you owe me.

This was the deleted ticket reply before the new guy took over**(Support Guy 1), May 28, 03:47:

Hello Shintoxx,We deeply apologize that you've encountered an issue with GTA Online regarding vehicle loss, We've reviewed the account and seen the vehicle was missing so in order to correct the error we've have replaced your vehicle and for the inconveince Rockstar Techical Support has also gifted you $200k an in game money.Please let us know if you have any other issues or concerns.Best regards,(Support Person 1)Rockstar Support

You cant offer me compensation in one email and then tell me the game isn't designed to offer compensation in the next.Stop screwing me around, take the damn technical back, and refund me the damn $900,000 in game money, or refund the $100+ real money that I've spent on in game cash back.I'm having a real hard time understanding why this is so difficult. I bought a vehicle which was not as advertised, Just return the money. Everyone is happy! why must you drag your customers though this ridiculous process. Just give me my damn money back so we can get on with our lives. It's digital money which has NO real value, you don't have some sort of in game economy running, so what's the big deal?If its that hard just reset my entire Pegasus permissions and give me the cash back. Id be equally as happy with that, as I never use anything from there anyway.


(NEW Support person 3) Jun 4, 02:40:

Hello Shintoxx,

After reviewing your account, we have been able to verify the loss you experienced and the appropriate items have been refunded to your account. If you have any further issues, please do not hesitate to contact us back.player must be offline (not in GTAO) for up to 20 minutes for the gift to process.Best regards,

(Support Person 3)Rockstar Support

——————-End Transcript———————-

So to recap, I caught them lying, called them out for it, got a total of 11,000,000 dollars, I got to KEEP the technical, AND (this is the absolute best part) 9 days later down in the "New Features/Updates" – All Platforms section of the 350.3 (Online 1.27) GTA5 Patch notes for June 10 2015 was this…

  • The Karin Technical now comes with bulletproof tires when ordered from Pegasus.


Never let a game company brush you aside. Make them listen and create change.

P.S While I understand I was likely not the only person who had an issue with this I was for sure the most memorable. That Twinkie story holds up.

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