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Double standarts of complains

GrandTheftAutoV8 - Double standarts of complains

This so fucking annoying. I have 2 examples. First, I loaded in a lobby, took my akula and just watched what is everyone doing. The the guy whose name I won't mention starts complaining in chat how bad community of this game is and how bad that everyone tryes to kill him. Another guy joined and also mentioned how bad are R* updates and all these flying cars and bikes. I said that if they hate those so much why do you support them, like why the fuck do you use deluxo if deluxo is an absolute evil and should be removed. Like you will be the first one to complain about it's removal, because you had it in your garage, what are these double standarts. Then some other guy killed shop assistant in suburban he shopped in and they two started spamming in chat how bad people in this game are. I said that he can just go to another shop, noone van stop you from that. And he fucking placed bounty on me and sent mercenaries (on akula, lmao). First dude defended second with phrases like 'he just wants to shop, he doesn't want to insult anyone'. I bombed second guy from my akula and he started 1v1 while cursing me with 'I fucked your mom' and 'Why do you kill me, asshole'. You offered 1v1 lol. He destroyed my akula and I called oppressor (mk1!) and he fucking complained that is a noob bike (!) and zentorno is op too and everything is op. I asked if that, should R* just add 100k supercars and remove all of that. He got angry, cursed me again and quit. First guy also went quiet while flying his oppressor mk2. And second example of complete ignorance of complainers came right after first. I switched sessions and got notification that my nightclub safe is full. I took my oppressor (mk1!) and flew to it. On the ground dude made headhunter in a stromberg and he nicely launched a couple of rockets at me flying by. I got like 'wtf dude, why did you do that', but he ignored. I came after him in mk2 and destroyed his stromberg. Apparently he had controller or maybe even aimbot but everytime I bombed him my bike it nearly got destroyed and I at a low health. I also came on him in nightshark and a couple of times with sniper, but every time he used minigun, the cheapest counter imaginable. His friend mean time ended headhunter and went passive and that he could also go passive now, what he did as soon as I got a kill on him. And can you fucking imagine, he started complaining that I farmed kd on him! Every my word he ignored and just cursed me, the bike and R. When he ended I asked him again why did he kill me and he replied that he doesn't remember killing me! Why the fuck do you complain about tryhards and kd farm if YOU are the reason of this 'tryharding and farming kd'. What the fuck do you expect killing a person that just walks near you? That's almost all. If the most people that complain about this game are that dumb and keep such double standarts on everything then why the fuck should R follow your orders? You don't even know what do you want from the game!


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