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Dreaming on Northern San Andreas with small towns, true desert and well-known big cities

GrandTheftAutoV4 - Dreaming on Northern San Andreas with small towns, true desert and well-known big cities

Hi there. So, let's have a moment to dream on GTA V and Online support which seems to be going on well… You see, even thought GTA V original map is okay and most people are going to protect it anyway, there are few problems in it that can't be just thrown away.

  • There are too much mountains and almost no forests you can explore without falling down from somewhere;
  • You don't feel like you're in desert: you feel like you're in the badly built city because you're always surrounded by some living houses, businesses and infrastructure (aside from roads – roads are okay);
  • Almost no rivers – this is why water vehicles almost lack as some gameplay element and even underwater diving doesn't help.

It may sound like a minor problems and they really are, but the key problem here is… that most of us are tired of it. We ask for GTA VI because we're little tired of GTA V. We see that this world is good, but we know it very, very well. There should be something really new and Rockstar did it: they added a new territory of Cayo Perico… But not for playing some "we got used to" gameplay.

This is why I think people are going to be happy if there are going to be a few islands which will rise from the ocean on the north of the map we're used to. It can be explained: let's imagine that protagonists of GTA V and Online and residents of Southern San Andreas simply haven't noticed these islands because… they simply had no need in them. This is going to support that theory that islands surrounded by water in GTA series is just a satire that people in these territories simply don't care about what happens away from them.

Okay, now what can we see on these islands… Well, there are two basic variants:

  • "GTA San Andreas-like" countryside and San Fierro. Many people remember Red County from this game as well as little calm town of Angel Pine. Well, Southern San Andreas from GTA V "stole" Mount Chiliad and Angel Pine, turning it in Paleto Bay. In return, Red County with it's big fields, big farms and forests should be "attached" to San Fierro (with or without any new name). What about the city itself… well, look on the name of this post. "Probably". If it's "probably" added, it can just be a bigger version of GTA San Andreas' San Fierro.
  • True desert and Las Venturas. As I told before, we may be interested in a big desert which really feels like a desert, not like a sandbox. Just… Bone County with it's rock formations, villages of native Americans and, mainly, locations where you turn your camera all around you and see nothing human-made but the road with a rare traffic on it. A true definition of true desert. What about Las Venturas, well, it's going to be interesting from gameplay perspective. We've got a casino mechanic and it can easily be used again in Las Venturas…

Here we slowly came to the ending question. How Rockstar is going to have money from it? Well, aside from GTA Online? Well… There are rumors that GTA Online is going to have it's separated version from GTA V… After so many years, yes. What does it mean for us? Well, I think that Rockstar may do exactly like I'm telling: GTA Online is a driving power of the game (hate it or not) and there is a lot of content it already has to be just thrown away.

If Rockstar gives us GTA Online and GTA V separately, they may have GTA Online as some sort of a base game and different storylines aside from Michael, Franklin and Trevor's story. And then people will have a choice: they may buy GTA Online only, GTA V storyline… and some other storyline that will support new territories. For San Fierro it might be something with hippies (remember Truth), with technologies (remember Zero), with triads (remember Wu Zi Mu), etc. For Las Venturas, huh, do I have to tell you how much stories for GTA can be taken from a city full of casinos?

Huh, dreaming is good. But I really, I mean really hope that some big guy from Rockstar is now resting and reading reddit and looks on this posts… And thinks about these ideas instead of laughing. I love GTA V story mode and GTA Online and wish them prosperity and new content. We have Southern San Andreas: now we want a Northern one.

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