Grand Theft Auto V

Everything Lester Says During The Diamond Casino Heist

GrandTheftAutoV10 - Everything Lester Says During The Diamond Casino Heist

okay, we're going in through the side door, i hope you brought your A game because you're not getting a warm up, drive over there and I'll be in touch, okay, the softly softly approach, with the only crew who cab speak so little and still make ao much noise, but here's hoping, the key to this whole job is to forget we're attempting a career defining heist and stay calm, you calm? cause I'm calm, what's not to be calm about? cause if you screw up and they see ya we're just gonna do this the old fashioned way one dead guy at a time, okay do you want the good news or the bad news? the good news is they just had a record breaking weekend so the vault is full to bursting! the bad news is that they've hired extra security to guard it, high risk, high gain, just how we like it, hey did you try out your stun gun yet? this is going to be your best friend, it'll overload the circuits of an CCTV camera or metal detector it hits, they recover after a while so, as far as security is concerned they'll think it was just a temporary outage but its enough for you to get past, your keycard is good enough for anything up to a level 2 security door which is most of them but you'll still need to do some hacking, that's it head through the door to the staff lobby, metal detectors up ahead, you need to find the fuse box on the side of the unit, take it out with a stun gun and get through before it recovers, short it, quickly get through! you can't shoot down many cameras, it's the kind of thing security tends to notice, heads up, CCTV ahead, your stun gun should disable the camera for a while, or go old school and time your run, hey before they go to the Vault, today's takings are stored near where you are, it's up to you but it may be worth a detour, it's a two room system, one of you needs to hold the access button while the other runs through and grabs the cash, the cash is on the cart, don't get distracted this is just a starter, only one way down from here, one step at a time, i need my inhaler just listening to ya, alright, the camera just went down it'll be back online soon, remember if you bring too many down at the same time they'll hit the alarm, and we are dark! goggles on everyone, looks like they don't suspect a thing so let's make the most of it, the back up generators will be online soon so get out of sight, remember these people aren't idiots, here are at last, the lower level, naturally, it's heavily guarded, we're so close, see that checkpoint? Tha man trap o just beyond it, see that? that's your mantrap so pay attention, you'll have to swipe both vault keycards simultaneously at separate control panels, but even then we can't open both the inner and outer doors simultaneously, everyone needs to get inside so we can close the first door and then open the second, get everyone inside the mantrap now i can keep the first door open until you're set, okay so far so bueno, push on to the vault, looks like the guard at the vault room isn't there, happy days…, i know this is a special moment for you but it's about to get a whole lot more special on the horse side of that door, break out the laser drill end let's do this!, the lock mechanisms should melt like butter you just have to target the weak points, don't rush, if we push the drill too hard it'll overheat, we're not on a time limit until we're inside, did somebody say diamonds? you should have, right there on the carts, good news: seeing as we stayed under the radar we have little more time here, now your hacker can block the security sensors while you're in the vault but only for a while, if the system goes quiet for too long it triggers the alarm as a failsafe, and ugh… did i mention that if the alarm goes off in here they'll flood the place with nerve agent? no? Well im mentioning it now!, there's a set of lockboxes in here, drill em if you've got the time but i can't promise they'll be anything good inside, 30 seconds before the failsafe alarm so make the most of it, twenty seconds left don't dawdle! perfect! now get our before they smell a rat!we're still under the radar perfect perfect!people that is the motherload! hahaha we cleaned them out! you know if we pull this off it'll be the crown jewel of my career, the hardest achievement on the console of life, you did good down there, this I'll be a nice little payday and a whole lot of smug satisfaction, listen we have some bad news and some good news, the bad news is they did a spot check on the vault so they know it's been robbed, the good news is they have no idea who or how, hehe, the cops are on their way but you can still make it our undetected if you do exactly what i say, if you're caught now, the shit really hits the fan, must be tiring running arround with all that loot, you should avoid the bulk of the cops this way, the only thing that matters is making it to your ride! remember they know the vault's been hit but they don't know who you are or where you are, they have patrols sweeping the whole place and all the civilians have been evacuated, so if they see you leaving they'll know it's you, the driver has the getaway cars in position I've pinged you the GPS, get to the buyer, don't bring the cops and we're home free, oh what a night, excuse me while i bask in the glow of my own genius, feel free to join me, this was a high point in a career full of nothing BUT high points, Lester Crest is back baby! looks like the house doesn't always win after all, alright find the buyer and this is a done deal


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