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ExecutiveRP | Custom, High Quality Vehicles | Accepting Staff & Admins | Cool Scripts | Cool Scenarios | Realistic | Apply @

GrandTheftAutoV10 - ExecutiveRP | Custom, High Quality Vehicles | Accepting Staff & Admins | Cool Scripts | Cool Scenarios | Realistic | Apply @

Welcome to ExecutiveRP! We are a serious Role-Play community dedicated to the excellence of our players, server(s), and our operations.

If you have any questions please email us at: [email protected]>(mailto:[email protected])

If you want to join our community please visit our website.

Here at ExecutiveRP, we want nothing but the best possible role-play gaming experience. We are willing to put in both the time and energy it takes to make everything perfect to fit your needs and wants. Our staff are on standby at all times. We offer a diverse array of selections to choose from, making it possible to bring you every role-play opportunity possible in the world of Grand Theft Auto. We strive to give you what you want and what you need. We hope to build a family, and set an example for other community’s and to our members. If you have any questions comments or concerns feel free to talk to myself, or another member of our staff, and we will do our best to help you.

We are dedicated to giving you the opportunity to play GTA V in a professional role play setting with like minded individuals.

Quality, Excellence, Professionalism

Here is a list of our active departments, with short descrioptions of each.

  • Military (Work in Progress)
    -ExecutiveRP is proud to say we have a department of defense. The different branches have different daily operations, and duties. Our Navy has a full fledged Air Craft Carrier. We have a civilian sub division that is dedicated to providing the military with operations, such as counter terrorism, and sometimes we will have a big war event, where all 5 military branches will fight a enemy military.
  • Secret Service (Work in Progress)
    -The secret service is tasked with protecting high level officials within ExecutiveRP. We have many divisions within the secret service, such as The White House division, Motoracde(With the real presidential limo), a Marine Division, a sniper team, Air Force One(With the real Air Force One Mod), and many more!
  • Federal Investigations Bureau (Work in Progress)
    -The FIB is a high level Department of Justice agency tasked with high level crimes. They have many in game and out of game operations, dedicated to investigating high level crime operations, and taking them down.
  • San Andreas Highway Patrol
    -The SAHP are law enforcement professionals who ensure that drivers are following state vehicular laws and regulations. The troopers also make sure to control traffic, and write citations. The SAHP has a sub-division that goes by CVE (Commercial Vehicle Enforcement) the CVE gives troopers 100% priority over any commercial vehicles, an example of CVE troopers duties will be to perform welfare checks on commercial truck drivers
  • Blaine Couny Sheriff’s Office
    -The Blaine County Sheriff’s office jurisdiction is set out in the northern area of San Andreas. The duties of the BCSO are to preform a varity of law enforcement duties, including investigations. The deputies are to also protect all citizens of Blaine County by executing all task associated with BCSO. BCSO has a sub-division TED (Traffic Enforcement Division) the traffic deputies are to preform basic traffic-duties, such as running radar, and verifying that all citizens within Blaine County are following the speeds of roads
  • Los Santos Police Department
    -The general duties of the Los Santos Police Department are to focus on protecting citizens of Los Santos county, the officers are to patrol areas (districts) of there liking. Within their districts they are to perform regular duties of any police officer such as, responding to calls, and writing traffic citations. Within the LSPD there is a sub-division titled VICE. The VICE units are to focus/crack down on gambling, narcotics, prostitution, and the formation of gangs. VICE units commonly patrol there districts in unmarked, ghost skins, and slicktop vehicles, to give the citizens an element of surprise
  • San Andreas Fire and Rescue
    -The main duties of a firefighter within the San Andreas Fire Rescue are to help protect the civilians in need of medical/fire aid. Firefighters respond to a wide variety of calls, such as vehicle crashes, and water rescues. Firefighters also have a wide selection of vehicles to utilize, depending on the call. Within the SAFR there is a Hazardous Area Response Team (HART), the duties of HART units are to deal with any mass chemical, or radiation leaks.
  • San Andreas Communications
    -The mission statement of the San Andreas Communications department is to provide the very best level of service to the citizens of San Andreas by answering 9-1-1 and non-emergency calls in a prompt, efficient, and professional manner and dispatching the appropriate response, we help save lives, protect property, and assist citizens in their time of need.
  • Civilian Operations
    -The Civilian Operations has many cool features and abilities. You can become a terrorist for the military to fight, start a gang, become a commercial or private pilot, do organized crime, and much much more!

What are some cool features?

  • We have a fully working CAD/MDT with new option such as fishing license, hunting license, pilots license, soon to come!
  • We have High Quality vehicles from well know developers such as XBR410, Redneck and others!
  • We have cool scripts such as, Hand on holster, fire script, helicopter police camera, emotes, weazel news camera, and even a saw script to cut off vehicle doors for the Fire Department!
  • Custom Uniforms for LEO/Fire and some civilian clothing!
  • We are menu based, with a server sided menu!
  • Whitelisted Servers!
  • State Wide RP!
  • Super Cars Allowed!
  • You can become a commercial or private pilot!
  • Cool and friendly staff and members!

What are our requirements?

  • MUST own a full, legal copy of Grand Theft Auto V for PC.
  • MUST be 15 years of age when you apply.
  • MUST have a working microphone, clear sounding, headset (no feedback allowed from speakers/microphones).
  • MUST read and agree our community rules.
  • MUST show respect to staff/administrators at all times!

Help make us the very best, and join today @

We hope to see you soon!

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