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Fellow players who don’t want to get killed by griefers, here’s a list of tips from a former one:

GrandTheftAutoV4 - Fellow players who don’t want to get killed by griefers, here’s a list of tips from a former one:

Never. Stop. Moving.: If someone picks a fight with you, use hit and run tactics. Land a kill, drive away. Chances are a griefer’s ego will be hurting and they won’t be thinking clearly, rather only about the kill. You have a higher chance of success by killing, driving away and setting up another ambush after forcing them to come to you. This is a proven tactic that prevents them from adjusting to their surroundings and forces them to fight on your ground. Don’t let them get comfortable with their surroundings. They’ll have more than one thing to focus on at once when they catch up while you’ll be reset and ready for them.

Stop driving in straight lines: Yes, Oppressors suck. It isn’t foolproof tactic, but taking corners and back roads helps you avoid those tricky missiles. If they’re in a land vehicle, it’s much easier to break off the chase by simply turning onto a new road. It forces your opponent to strategize their next move when you’re already two steps ahead. This also gives you the opportunity to set up an ambush with explosives, mines, or to simply get out and mag dump from cover.

Combat roll: An easy trick is to roll/roll out of cover and continue the fight. While you’re lining up the shot by the time you’re moving, they’re just resetting theirs. Every split second counts.

Know what weapons to use: A shotgun isn’t a good choice from a block away. At the same time, a rifle isn’t a good choice when they’re half a block away. Especially if they’re in a car and close enough to lock on to.

Use corners: You’d be surprised how dumb people are when they’re not paying attention to anything but the scoreboard. One of the most useful tricks I’ve learned is to turn a corner, be on foot, and wait for them to quickly and recklessly pull up on you. If they catch on, reset the stage by moving further down the road and set up mines along the way. At some point they’ll get sloppy and blow up, given you don’t shoot them first or they break off the chase after realizing you’re not an easy target. An Oppressor isn’t that good at CQC, especially against someone on foot and who knows how to effectively use a rifle.

At the same time, don’t rely on corners or cramped spaces: Rockets are devastating. Keep enough distance so they don’t splash you to death, because griefers typically follow simple rules. One is “if you can’t beat them, bomb them”. Play it safe, force them to rely on their rifle or shotgun. Line bottlenecks with well placed explosives and learn when to use rockets, specifically if they’re hugging cover.

Don’t stand in the open: Goes without saying, but must still be said. You’re an easy target for sniping or being hit by a car. Don’t give them an easy shot on you. Remember, they’re likely anxious and making them think harder will only cause more stress on them, and bring them to make more mistakes while acting out of desperation.


Don’t be afraid to use auto aim: It’s a tool given to you by the game and excellent for PvE, and also useful for griefers. Once you master pop shots as I call them (flick the right stick once locked on for a headshot) you’ll be able to use even the worst weapons to land a kill. People whining about it don’t matter, they picked a fight with you. If they free aim only, that’s their fault for handicapping themselves.

Don’t be afraid to go off the radar or into passive mode: Sometimes it’s best to know what fights you can and can’t win. People will get desperate and break out their OP vehicles or cheap methods (god mode, sniping through walls). You’re not obligated to fight, so do everything you can to keep them off of you.

Use armored vehicles or ones without rear windows: There’s nothing worse than being shot dead in your car from behind or blown up. Plenty of armored vehicles are quick enough to get you away from someone in a super car if you’re skilled. For those you can’t outrun, you can least outgun. For those you can’t outrun and outgun, you can likely outsmart. Mines, sticky bombs, missiles, explosives in general aren’t super effective against the right vehicle. You don’t need the fastest car, you just need something reliable to keep you from being blown up or shot.

Leave: Self explanatory. Unless you’re in the lobby for a reason, you don’t have to deal with them. It’s highly unlikely they’ll follow you unless they’re making it personal.

Last but not least: Find what works best for you. These are all tips I currently use to fight griefers and things I used to do when I was a griefer. My K/D has been in the 7.0 range and is currently at 6.42 now that MKII’s are a thing. The best way to end griefing is to know how to fight them, and these are several ways you can effectively fight them. I’m by no means a professional, but after nearly seven years of playing and dealing with them, I’ve adopted these methods. What works for me may not work for you, but I hope even one of these gives you better odds at stopping a griefer from making your gaming experience difficult.

If you still find that you need help, by all means message me. I’m happy to add people on PS4 and do what I can, because nobody likes a griefer except that griefer. Feel free to add any tips and tricks you find useful, because there’s no such thing as too much good advice.

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