Grand Theft Auto V

Fun encounter with a modder

GrandTheftAutoV5 - Fun encounter with a modder

Usually you expect a modder to just give himself money and buy everything, right?

Well this one was diffrent…

So me and my friend were about to do some heist and he suddenly yells "There's a cop following me!"

I thought he was wanted but then i saw the killfeed, it was a player, and he was also invisible on the map.

Then he started going after him again and again, tasing him over and over. So i ran him over. Turns out he was also invincible too.

After that he switched his attention to me, i felt like a counselor in friday the 13th, this invincible maniac was going after me and i was just running away, trying to dodge the taser.

Then after some more shenanigans i get in his police car. He drives to some place then gets out and spawns a prison bus…

I glanced over at the chat "Get in, you're going to prison". Me and my friend complied, while laughing a lot, then he teleported us closer to the prison. My friend tried shooting around… Then our weapons were gone.

He got into the prison and then left. We got 5 stars. It was a blast fighting all of the police with just a pistol i picked up from a dead body. We obviously died, so he put us back in… Then he left the server.

The aftermath of this is that we lost all of our weapons… Well at least it was fun.

P.S: My first ever post on reddit!

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