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GrandTheftAutoV5 - Good job Rockstar Support

Recently I embarked on a journey of research, and knowledge. I wanted to see if it was possible to use a flight stick to fly in GTA V. I remembered this program that I had used in the past called x360ce and decided that I would look into it. Turns out it supports GTA V. The scary part is the program uses DLL injection to work, meaning that it is possible that an anti-cheat could flag it as a cheat and you can get banned. Every forum I found relating to this topic all had a pretty even split of people who said that it was a bad idea, and people who said that they have never had an issue with it. Naturally, I decided to go to the source and ask Rockstar support if they knew of anyone who had been banned for using it. What follows was the WORST customer support I have ever received from a company. The only few explanations I can come up with are as follows:

  • They wanted to close as many support tickets as possible before the holiday season rush
  • Or they wanted to close as many support tickets as possible using bad response, hoping that the convoluted way of finding your support tickets prevents people who DIDN'T get a good answer from ever replying asking for REAL help. (Seriously, the link they give you to "reply" to the ticket doesn't even take you to the proper website.)

To sum it up: I got 3 responses from them and 2 of them had little to do with my question, and even went as far as to give me copy and paste responses that I have received before for reporting a modder.
You can read the full conversation on this imgur album. Shout out to Travis M. at Rockstar support for actually answering my question and not just copying and pasting something to shut me up.

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