Grand Theft Auto V

Grand theft auto has a weak campaign riddled with the illusion of gameplay rather than actual gameplay

GrandTheftAutoV9 - Grand theft auto has a weak campaign riddled with the illusion of gameplay rather than actual gameplay

Don’t get me wrong I play through it a lot, but the game still has fatal flaws.

3 Player Gimmixk

I have no issue with the 3 characters I just wish they gave you more ability to choose

There’s the issue with being forced to switch to whichever character is stationed with a sniper and whatever. For these 3 person collaborating missions I feel like I’d do two things different. 1. You could request help, and someone else’s Michael, Franklin, or Trevor would assist you with completing the mission. 2. You’d have greater input on the planning of the job, with who gets stationed where with which weapon

For instance, why would the game force Trevor to be on lookout with a sniper, why not Michael because of his ability, what if I want all guys on ground level, these are the plans I want made and before starting every big mission like this you should have a planning board.

Maybe you can even take control of other players as well during solo missions or while hanging out, for instance you can take control of Lamar if you’re doing a mission with him, or you can literally embody chop and see trails and such.

The character switched as is, it’s just a half baked idea where the game forces you to switch between 3 people. It doesn’t let you have any freedom to decide the way the mission will pan out.

Balance of character usefulness

On account of the vastly different uses of each protagonist, you shouldn’t have these missions where you have access to all three because you’re just gonna use two of them anyway. Franklin for cats and whoever you like better on the ground. These should be more rare to have missions where you switch between all three. I think you should have missions where before you enter you have to choose who you’ll send and each has their own pros and cons.

Michael needed a better ability. Maybe he could auto lock onto headshots with his ability active. It’s just a worse version of dead eye in my opinion as is.

Franklin is useless in a gunfight, he should at least have faster regen on account of his youth maybe, just to encourage his usage.



Franklin needed more development, it’s clear that he’s the real protagonist yet they spend so much time on cheesy shit with Michael. They need missions where you grow closer, like give him like 3 car stealing missions before he sees Michael, and maybe a few missions where he drives Lamar to drug deals and splits the pay when he brings them to safety. Maybe even have Tanisha send him texts for the first few missions and then we literally see her leave Franklin after she finds out she killed someone or whatever

Michael and Trevor spent too much time hating each other. It develops Michael as psychotic and Franklin as loyal, but it could have been executed better. Maybe Trevor could kidnap Michael for lying about their 3rd heist member (forget his name), threaten to kill him himself, and Franklin needs to come in to act as a voice of reason. Then after that no more “I hate you blah blah” missions where they can’t get along

If we had 100 missions instead of 69, and maybe 10 more SAF each, every character would have the justice they need. Obviously a DLC will never come out, but is love something like “the untold tales of of Grand Theft Auto 5” where it makes changes to the way the story mode plays out and adds a bunch of new missions to better tell a story.

Effort put into scripting new jobs and whatever for gta online could be put on hold and everyone working on that could instead just work on rebalancing the game while this DLC gets pumped out.


We meet so many people, but never see anyone where you can call them up besides a booty fall from that one weird chick.

I’d love if maybe you could unlock players for actual play if you complete their strangers and freaks, and basically you have to call them up to hang out which unlocks them for the character switcher. They have their own special abilities. Like maybe Dom has infinite parachutes and greater control over them, or that one fitness chick has increased speed. Lamar maybe could have people who will fight back highlighted with a little red arrow above their head so you know whether to fuck with them or not. They don’t need to have their own missions or anything or even be as good of characters as the main protagonists, but it would just add on to the whole idea of switching between characters.

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