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grand theft auto online war of los santos heist

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grand theft auto online war of los santos heist act 1

in this people from the fib have been starting to get pissed off at you after doing what your doing and have assigned you to a task that will get you a get out of jail free card if you work for them to stop a war that’s happening in los santos at the time of this heist.

1.starting out

first you get a call from steve from story mode and he tells you either you have to stop being a criminal or you could work for him to get some shit of there back by helping him and the military take care of a problem they are having (this will be the only call you get once this heist is out)

after the call it sends you to dock tease site so you can buy a aircraft carrier to start the heist once your over there both lester steve and some of the other guys from story mode are back such as tevor michael and franklin to help out with planning and such as we will find out that the reason people say that the events of story mode haven’t happened even though they have is cause everyone had to go into hiding cause of reasons unknown till later. long will it be

this will go out for 4 acts each with the base price going up in each act here are the different difficultys and prices

act 1: easy: 500.000 normal: 900.000 hard: 1.000.000

act 2: easy: 900.000 normal: 1.000.000 hard: 5.000.000

act 3: normal: 900.000 hard: 1.000.000

act 4: normal: 5.000.000 hard: 10.000.000

if you do the criminal master mind it gives you a extra 900.000 as hard node will be really hard

3.the preps

act 1: in act one you steal enough supplies for the aircraft carrier and take the humane labs base as they are helping the enemy with supplies them with guns and other artillery such as tanks and other vehicles which you will steal for you aircaft carrier and destroy to make sure the enemy cant use them any more.

in the 1 prep you will do your team going from 2 to 4 will steal four new prototype jets to take back to your aircaft carrier for later use and so it can get modified ready to go for the first battle.

in the second prep you will be gathering tanks for the military base ready for them to use as after a attack on them by the enemy they have short amount of them they can use you find these tanks at a facility near the back end of the map and once your done you take them back to the base.

in the last prep for act 1 you near to find info on a bunker that the enemy has been hiding at to get information on the militarys new secret weapons they have been building.

what you do in this mission is scout out the area a find a way in and out of the bunker as well as find a usb that has its where abouts once its found you scout the bunker and leave.

4.the setups

in the first setup you have to hack into the bunkers system to be able find out how to shut down the power system to open up the bunkers main entrance during the heist and to check whether it has back up systems.

there will be two teams the hacking team which will get into the system with the help of paige guiding you through the main system and putting a back door into the main frame for later.


the second team will be the look outs keeping watch for the hackers so they dont get killed while hacking with the help od franklin sniping.

once the hack is done you need to get out back to the aircraft carrier and start the next setup.

in the second setup you have to get two juggernaut suits for the storming team the way you get them is by taking out a enemy aircraft carrier that is delivering stuff to the bunker your going to be raiding for info and supplies for your aircraft carrier and the military base.

once you have the suits you need to head back to the military base and give them there suits and head back your aircraft carrier.

in the third setup you have to take out a base camp being used by the enemy forces and get more info on whats hiding inside the bunker.

during this there will be three teams two people protecters one person as the watcher who makes sure that the enemy hasn’t come back to the camp and the main guy looking for the info.

once you have the info the base camp gets ambushed by the enemy and you have to take them out before you leave but once the enemy is taken out you leave with the info and get ready for one last setup.

in the last setup for act 1 you scout out the area of the bunker and watch for guards and take note of there protocols and patterns of what they do and notice they go on a raidng run for supplies and such.

your two teams spit up and work on two things first team works on getting disguises from the guards by knocking two of them out while the second team leaves and checks out where the people who are doing the raiding run and steal what ever they find from the raiding run.

but before both teams do anything both teams need to head to the bunker to see what each person is doing after that both teams spit up and work on their individual tasks once they are done they head back and get ready for the first heist.

5.the first heist

once you have gotten everyones cuts figured out the storming team create a Distractionfor the salvage team to grab the info that’s hidden inside the bunker.

heres how it goes first the storming team will head to the bunker first while the salvage team grab the jets and fly over the bunker to have a look out and make sure it is safe once they are ready they get info there guard suits and enter the bunker while the storming team gets ready to create the distraction once they have the salvage team hacks into the bunker and enter its to look for the info they need while trying to keep there cover.

once they have the info they place bombs around the bunker and get out to blow it up as they leave.

once that happens they start the next act with a cutscene which shows new intel saying that the enemy is trying to take over america and use it for the resources.

once i have completed writing act 2 three and four i will put there links in here as a edit so yeah i also have other ideas dor heists as well in the works if you want to chat about them im on discord my name is doomslayer#9295

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