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Gta 5 heist crew members guide for each heist

GrandTheftAutoV9 - Gta 5 heist crew members guide for each heist

This post will be a comprehensive guide on which heist crew members you should have on your crew for each heist depending on which approach you choose. Let's start with the Jewel Store Heist.


First things first, whether you choose to go the smart or loud way on this heist, there are two crew members that are must haves: Rickie Lukens as your hacker and Packie McReary as your gunman. Rickie disables the alarm for exactly 50 seconds which encourages you to speedrun smashing the glass cabinets and stealing the jewels so you can get a gold medal on this mission easier, and he's selfless and has the lowest cut out of any heist crew member with a solid 4%. Packie is the best choice for the gunman because Gus Mota charges a bit too much for his cut and Norm Richards will screw up on the heist in many different ways such as dropping some of the jewelry when emptying the cabinets thus decreasing the amount of cash you get on the score, failing to get the store manager on the ground when she comes out of her office if doing the loud way, and crashing his bike thus costing you another good part of the score even if you manage to pick up his bag.

As for your driver, if you're doing the smart way, choose Karim Denz as your driver as he has a relatively low cut of 8% and will still manage to get you to your destination even with the wrong choice of bikes. However, if you're doing the loud way, choose Eddie Toh as your driver because, like Norm, Karim will get clumsy and drop some jewelry as he's putting them in the bag.

I'd recommend choosing the smart way for this heist for more cash, but if you want to do the loud way, that's fine. Now to recap, this is what your team should look like depending on what way you choose:

Smart way:

Driver: Karim Denz, Gunman: Packie McReary, Hacker: Rickie Lukens

Loud way:

Driver: Eddie Toh, Gunman: Packie McReary, Hacker: Rickie Lukens


For this heist, you'll only be able to choose one gunman. If you want to get as much cash as possible on this heist, pick Norm Richards as your gunman. Even though he will get run over by a cop car on this mission when selecting him, picking up his bag will save the part of the score that he had, unlike on the Jewelry Store Heist. However, if you'd rather have someone experienced and useful as your gunman, aka someone who won't die, pick either Chef or Packie McReary.


There are two ways you could go about doing this heist: the firefighter entry way or the rooftop entry way. Again, either way works, but I'd recommend the rooftop entry way as the firefighter entry way gives you the tough choice of either killing off one of your low-cut crew members or letting an experienced crew member take the hit, but take a lot more cash that isn't worth losing on this heist as you really don't earn a lot from this…I mean obviously, since Steve fucking Haines is the one pulling the strings for this heist and not good ol' Lester. Anyways, this is what your setup should look like for each approach:

Firefighter entry:

Gunman 1: Daryl Johns, Gunman 2: Hugh Welsh or Norm Richards

Rooftop entry:

Driver: Taliana Martinez, Gunman: Daryl Johns, Hacker: Rickie Lukens


If you choose the rooftop entry like I suggested, go with all low-cut crew members. Like I said, you really don't earn a lot of cash from this heist, so being greedy is the best benefit you can get from this. Pick the lowest-cut driver, Taliana Martinez, the lowest-cut gunman, Daryl Johns, and the lowest-cut hacker, Rickie Lukens. None of them will screw up and you'll get the job done, plus parachuting is way more fun than going up an elevator.

If you really want to do the firefighter entry way, then alright then, but just like with the other approach, you're gonna want low-cut crew members. Make sure Daryl Johns is gunman 1 though and not gunman 2 as he is the gunman that charges the least and it wouldn't be a good thing if you lost him before the Big Score. If you really don't want anyone to die, then go ahead and select Packie McReary as gunman 2, but I personally don't think he's worth it for this mission and would rather for this heist have a cheap crew member die and not get money over a good crew member survive and take money that I could have.


Once again, there are two ways you can go about doing this: the subtle way or the obvious way. As always, either way works, but this time I'd recommend the obvious way just because for the subtle way, you'll have to pay for a hacker as well as your two drivers and two gunmen, but with the obvious way, you don't need a hacker. Here's what the team should look like for each way:

Subtle way:

Driver 1: Taliana Martinez, Driver 2: Karim Denz, Gunman 1: Packie McReary or Chef, Gunman 2: Daryl Johns, Hacker: Rickie Lukens

Obvious way:

Driver 1: Taliana Martinez, Driver 2: Karim Denz, Gunman 1: Daryl Johns, Gunman 2: Hugh Welsh or Norm Richards or Karl Abolaji

Firstly, no matter which approach you choose, you NEED to make sure you have Karim as driver 2 and NOT as driver 1. If going the subtle way and Karim is driver 1, he'll drop some of the gold when loading the trunks of the Gauntlets and get pulled over by the cops, so you'll lose a good part of the score, and if going the obvious way and Karim is driver 1, he'll straight up crash his helicopter no matter what and you'll lose HALF of the entire score. Make sure Karim is driver 2 no matter what and make sure Taliana is driver 1 no matter what.

Secondly, unlike the obvious way, if you choose the subtle way and pick a cheap gunman for gunman 1, like Karim, that gunman will also drop some of the gold when loading it into the trunks of the Gauntlets, so make sure you pick either Packie or Chef as gunman 1 if you do the subtle approach so that way that doesn't happen. Gunman 2 will not drop some of the gold no matter who you pick. Also, if you choose the obvious way and both Norm and Hugh are dead from the last heists, Karl is there as a last resort option, but if you've chosen to do the ways I've suggested you do, then at least Hugh should still be alive and you should pick him over Karl for gunman 2 when doing the obvious way.

Lastly, I know I said it already, but I suggest picking the obvious way for this one just because you'll have to pay for a hacker and get a high-paying gunman for gunman 1 when doing the subtle approach. If you want to do the subtle approach, you can do that, just make sure Packie or Chef is gunman 1 so that no gold gets lost and Rickie is the hacker because by no means are Paige or Christian worth choosing when best boi Rickie and his sick air guitar exist.

Hopefully this was helpful for you. Enjoy robbing. 🙂

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