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Hello. I was thinking of what the next GTA story mode has in store for us. Everybody loved Trevor, Micheal, and Franklin but I don’t see a sequel with all 3 because in the end of GTA 5 you can choose for one pf them or none at all to die. So I was brainstorming of what the next one could be. I thought about it in two ways. One way is That Micheal and Trevor aren’t dead because most people I think chose death wish so in GTA 6 we are back in LS for a brief moment. So the trio want to get one last job and they will be set for life. But this last job requires a lot of people but the take is huge where they can retire for the rest of their lives. So Lester sets up the mission and now you have the trio and Lamar as a controllable character. They can keep the character wheel because this will be the prologue of the game. So the heist goes according to plan up until the last phase. Lester and the hired men to support with the job turn on them (Lester could have something to do with this idk which makes a better outcome) and take over the heist. The trio and Lamar try to fight them back but they get away. Thus the enemy which will be either cops, Merry weather, Army, or a private organization like the doomsday heist during online end up killing micheal and Trevor. If rockstar can create a story mode with a dynamic story line then they should give us the choice to save one of them. If not picked in time they both die. So wether you chose who lives or if they both die Lamar and Franklin flee and escape to another city. I would love. to see Chicago but everyone thinks it’s gonna be Vice City again. Franklin would be the only character we know unless if we save Micheal or Franklin. This way we will get to know Lamar even better. Now if Micheal and Trev die then the game will introduce you to another protagonist. Lamar and Franklin find their away again because robbing is the only thing they know how to do best. After they meet the protagonist They get to their old ways form a crew and do more heists. I haven’t thought much yet if what would happen after.


The second way I thought of this is at the start of the prologue Micheal and Trevor are both dead. Lamar and Franklin want to do a heist that will get them into retirement and the rest as I said above follows…

Alternative Prologue. The last Heist starts with the trio and Lamar is out of the picture. Franklin is all alone or with Micheal or Trevor.

Rockstar can introduce family members of Franklin like a cousin or maybe a lost brother in order to boost the story mode because going to a new city without knowing anyone and you’re robbing banks by the next week isn’t really realistic but then again what is realistic about GTA. Let me know what you guys think. Quarantine has me bored that I just made this up. I’ll probably regret posting this but who knows🤷🏻‍♂️

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