Grand Theft Auto V

GTA IV is my favourite GTA by far

GrandTheftAutoV1 - GTA IV is my favourite GTA by far

It gets more love now but overall still underrated. It seems that the darker more grounded direction wasn't appealing to many (considering the backlash it got a decade ago) but I loved it.

Niko is one of my favourite characters in gaming, the VA did a great job and his backstory was just tragic. The characters feel way more human in this game compared to other GTA games, their criminal lifestyle has consequences and most of them get bad endings. Even Niko's ending is at best bittersweet which is a hue contrast to the 100% happy endings to previous GTA's and GTA V.

Liberty City was so fun to explore, I preferred having just one big city. Back then the jump in terms of graphics was pretty huge too. The physics especially were just amazing and it's a shame they dumbed them down in V

Regarding flaws I suppose there should have been more features and more mission variety (although I suppose they kept that grounded for the narrative, Niko in GTA SA/GTA V esque missions would feel out of place)

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