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GTA Online: Carcer City (Map Expansion and Gameplay Concept)

GrandTheftAutoV4 - GTA Online: Carcer City (Map Expansion and Gameplay Concept)

(This is just an idea I had one night in my mind. I'll edit the info every once in a while and change certain ideas. Tell me what would you add if this was a Story Mode/Online expansion)

This would be the lowest point of any players career. Imagine it. One of the most corrupt, shady and depressing cities in the history of America. A place you CAN'T call home.


The map will be fairly simple: 3 islands 1. The main city 2. The ghetto (+ abandoned buildings which start from the outskirts of the main island), dock and construction sites 3. A small green area where the mansions and stilt houses of the wealthy will be located

Let's be honest. You (the protagonist) aren't a good guy. Your businesses weren't build with honest work, your cars and houses aren't bought with fair money, your empire isn't build with clean hands. And the higher one climbs, the stronger the winds blow. You have been convicted of mass murder, theft and illegal practices. All the money in the world can't save you from jail. Therefore you're flown off San Andreas and sent to the correctional institution in Carcer City. But as always, luck is in your favor. You're a well known criminal figure with a lot of connections after all. A man by the name of Shaun Barrus, the most powerful drug lord in the city and a good friend of Lester Crest, gets a call from Lester who talks about you. Barrus sees you as a potential business partner and someone who could take out his competitors. With his wealth and power in the city, he gets in contact with the chief of police who is on his payroll and demands to free you from your sentence. Upon your arrival in the city, you will be greeted by Barrus who will explain your situation. You're free from jail, but now you're in his debt. He'll sent you out on different tasks and he'll pay you for the jobs when they're done. You'll have different choices which will give you different rewards. The relationship with Barrus depends on these choices. If you steal from him during the jobs or ignore his calls your reputation will decrease and the chance for you to become a wanted man again will increase.

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The jobs are similar to the contact missions.

There will be a bigger variety of missions, some including stealth. (In some jobs the amount of money you get depends on the choices you make, which could bring you other rewards)

If you get a bounty above 10,000 from another player, the police will be forced to take you out (the kill by the cops will be marked as a kill by the player)

If you leave your vehicle in an area around island #2 or in the outskirts of the main island #1 there's a chance for your tires to be stolen/windows broken/parts of the vehicles armor stolen.

Player homes aren't safe anymore. The lower the price, the bigger the chance it could be broken in and vandalized (interior damages only). Higher priced homes will have better security but that doesn't mean they're unbreakable.

 - if the player's property is under attack and the player fails to protect it, he loses money and furniture, which he could restore for a certain price via the interaction menu. - home invasions will occur if the player doesn't occasionally return to his home. 

If the player gets killed by another player, the one who survived has the ability to steal weapons that he does not poses (weapons that he has not bought/unlocked). When respawning the killed player has the possibility to buy back his lost weapons or wait 12 hours to pass before he could get them back for free. (Passive mode option will be disabled for 2 minutes after the first kill. Each kill afterwards restarts the timer)

If the player stays in AFK for too long in an open area, random NPCs will mug him.

(Tell me what are your thoughts. Is it too difficult to become a reality? Would you like to see this in the game? What other ideas would you add?)

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