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GTA Online is unplayable

GrandTheftAutoV3 - GTA Online is unplayable

Sorry, if this goes long, I need to rant a bit. Is it just me, or is GTA Online one of the worst multiplayer modes ever created? Don't get me wrong GTA V is a great game, I love the singleplayer, the cars feel good and the story is fine too, the animations are great, BUT in Online it is not fun to play alone nor to play together with others.

You play alone in an invite only session? Well, insane grind, jobs that need multiple persons otherwise you gonna need to run back and forth.

Reasonable, right, cuz it is online, so let's play with some other people. Five minute loading screen with one of the fasted .M2 SSD's on the Market, seriously?! Now another five minute wait time till we are four people.

I press start. It loads forever. Suddenly I'm back in my apartment and the lobby is gone. What the actual fuck?

Another try, finally we can start the mission. Someone doesn't hop in the car too fast, someone gets bored, blows up a car, cops are alerted, lost. Restart. Someone drives himself dead with a bike. Restart. Someone leaves. 10 minutes later I have recreated the lobby. Again.

Prison Break, the Prison Officer just goes full yolo dies and leaves. Velum crashes, pilot said "flying is easy". Last mission in Prison Break, we did it, just need to enter the helicopter and fly away. Someones runs in the rotor. Restart. We are in the prison. The prisoner doesn't talk to us and we can't continue the mission. Restart.

Let's do a job then, we need to steal four cars. Someone runs into and starts gunning the enemys down while the other three are still miles away in the race who gets first to the objective. Someone arrives late, doesn't realize there are still enemys and gets shot. Restart.

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No checkpoints, always need to redo something, because someone needs to go, fucked it up or the game glitched. Can't even go back to the lobby with the same people and wait if one more arrives after someone left.

My car sucks, I have spent 100k on it and as soon as I try to steer it it goes 720° over the road. The good cars are insanely high priced, I played 50 hours and tried to grind jobs and heists. Most time are loading screens and mission failed. I made 400k(+apartment) so far and can't afford a better car or anything else that would help make me money. Friend has the clubhouse, seems to be pretty useless. Everyone is saying CEO + Vehicle Warehouse, good that it justs costs 2000k to finally make money, how in the world am I supposed to achieve this?

Meanwhile my friend bought the game recently for 15€ and got 1000k, a nice car, CEO and nightclub. For Free. In the 15€ included. What. The. Fuck.

I tried to make a bit of money the past four hours. I haven't completed a single job or heist. Not. One. Loading screens, rushing teammates, waiting in the lobby and random crashes are the core part of multiplayer. Don't even get me started on public sessions and how ridiculous it even is to start a invite only session.

I'm fully convinced this is all intentional so you spend real money, as the grind is insane. I have more fun grinding in a MMO and killing the same Mob over and over again. I have more fun in the average Payday 2 public lobby. How is that even possible?

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