Grand Theft Auto V

GTA Online – money making/grinding crew in need of friendly, ambitious, and reliable crew members (PS4)

GrandTheftAutoV3 - GTA Online - money making/grinding crew in need of friendly, ambitious, and reliable crew members (PS4)

My GTA Online crew on PS4 that i've been running since 2013 has amassed 60 members thus far and has grown exponentially in just a little over a month now! We are currently still offering places for anyone who wishes to join and have even set up a discord server specifically for crew members.

Realistically, we are looking for trustworthy and like-minded players who are in need of a welcoming, fun, and safe space from griefers & toxic randoms, not only to make SERIOUS money, but to also have a great time in our crew lobbies.

If you struggle with getting enough loyal associates together to complete Heists (OG/Doomsday/Casino/Cayo Perico) or find enjoyment in helping other players with CEO work, MC businesses, Nightclub sales, Gunrunning sales/research, Special Cargo sourcing/selling, Vehicle Warehouse sourcing/selling, Hangar missions, Casino missions, Contact missions, Adversary modes, set-ups of any kind & MUCH MORE:

“Ur Worst Nightmareo” (PAKU) on R* Social Club is the right place for you!

All types of players regardless of their level of experience are free to join, whether you're completely new to GTA or a veteran. Everyone is welcome at PAKU and your beliefs/sexes/religions/genders/races/ideologies etc. do not dictate your ability to participate in the crew's efforts unless you aim to cause trouble within the crew and make it your goal to grief others who are here just to grind and have a fun time in peace.


On top of PAKU's more serious money-making day to day grinds, the crew hosts car meets, participates in weekly crew 3x bonus game modes, impromptu atomizer-only team death matches, races to the top of Mount Chilliad, sky-diving challenges, Go-Kart bumper car events, Maze Bank aircraft landing challenges + MUCH MORE (more ideas are very much welcome)!

Upon joining Ur Worst Nightmareo and donning the crew's Social Club tag (PAKU), you will be promoted to “Representative”; however, over time and from noticing your increased involvement with the crew and for being a reputable crew mate, you will be rewarded for your good work and can expect to be moved up in our crew hierarchy.

I make it my duty to change the Crew colour every now and then to the latest hex codes that catch my eye, but I do take colour change requests on Social Club from our members (posting a specific hex code request is preferable).

If you have any queries about the crew, please know that I am available to DM on here for more information 🙂

Happy heisting!


TL;DR: "Ur Worst Nightmareo" Social Club crew join link and "PAKU" discord server link below!

Social Club:

Discord Server:

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