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GTA Online philosophy: how does it promote bullying and cruel competition

GrandTheftAutoV8 - GTA Online philosophy: how does it promote bullying and cruel competition

Grand Theft Auto is a pretty brutal game series. There were a lots of controversy around it, especially in 00's, when almost every act of aggression and shooting was told to be a consequence of people, especially, teenagers, playing these series' games. However, this type of video games has become a standard, and there is no more talks about GTA and it's clones' harm on teenage psychics. It is a closed topic in the media.

However, times change. The development of the networks made it possible to connect every PC to the internet. Most of the people can afford it… And Rockstar understood it in 2008. They added a prototype of the GTA in online, where people can play with each other and have a lots of fun.

Now, we have GTA Online… and do we have a lots of fun with it?
At the beginning it was well. It was just like SA:MP. You had an open territory to explore with friends and simply have fun. But then, there were updates. The first ones like Heists or Lowriders were good.
Should I say that everything was destroyed after the addition of flying bikes? No, I shouldn't. But does it mean that all the talks about this problem are erased? Hell no.

I consider flying on the bike or some other mass-destruction vehicle and destroying everyone as a bullying. As a very cruel type of bullying, depending on money which could be achieved through buying Shark-Cards or hacking.
It means that the one who killed you on the flying bike can be:
1) The one who runs business in the game and spend enough time in it to buy it – very rare type and their bullying still can't be proved like "I deserved it so stfu, I worked so I can afford myself to be better than you and show it".
2) The one who bought Shark-Cards – it means, that their real-life richness seeps into GTA Online. They kinda say: "You are poor shit in your life so you can't afford yourself a Shark-Card, so suffer here too. I am better and you will be the one who will prove my coolness".
3) The one who hacked the game and got oneself a money for nothing. They kinda say: "So, I violated the rules of the game and that's why I am better. You are not as cool as me, you can't afford it to yourself because you're righteous player, so suffer from the ones, who have more moral freedom".

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The main purpose of the game is to bring player some fun. GTA Online was like this at the beginning: if you wanted to be better than others (because the competition is still a part of every online game) – you could buy yourself a yacht. The only thing you could do with it – making other players feel jealous, but this is these players' own problem. It was like a payment for skins and cosmetics in most of the modern online-games.
However, with the addition of the expensive and undestroyable killing machines like Oppressors Rockstars started promoting a very cruel competition between simple and fair players and the ones who have big real-life riches and too big moral freedom that lets them hack the game.

It is not okay when the conscienceless or rich people threat the different ones like shit. It is not okay when the game where you run into to escape the reality for a while says you that you should do something in the real life to be better in this game. It is simply not okay when the game lets other players kill you just for fun and small amount of money when you, maybe, transporting a cargo that's more important to be saved by you than to be destroyed by some other player.

GTA Online calls to the inner need of every animal: to dominate. But people are more than animal, right? No, in some cases. If there are some players who easily defeat this wish to be better by spoiling other people's like, some other part of the players does nothing to mute this animal need. So I think, that the cultural and mannerly players, who don't spoil other player's games and let themselves kill and show aggression to them only during a fair matches where nobody loses what they've taken before the match, should be protected from an animals who just fly on bikes and destroy others just to show their useless domination.

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With these words, I consider GTA Online as a place of a very cruel bullying and trolling which should be prevented just in respect to the players who fairly bought the game and fairly play it. The game should be a game, not a reflection of the real life in such a cruel way. The novices and other has to have a opportunity to earn their in-game money without bullying from the ones who have them in the real life or the ones who violated the rules.

I hope that this message and it's ideas will have some support. Thank you!

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