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I haven't played GTA 5 for probably around 3-4 months now and even for quite some time before that I was really starting to get annoyed/bored with it.

I only played online because that's all you really can do (not moaning at that part). Me and my friend used to love playing it but it has become the most annoying and stressful grind and micro transactions have completely ruined the game for me


Honestly GTA Online used to be one of the best online games. You could become a millionaire with loads of cars, bikes, and special vehicles. You worked together with friends to complete heists and get rich. It was a really unique experience. Now, you just have to grind and grind. You have to grind for days to buy your first decent house. Then after you spend 3,000,000 on a business to earn some money back, you have to spend another 3,000,000 just to get the business up and running. Also everyone plays like complete d*cks online as well. You have to grind so much and it's too much effort and then to do anything fun on the game you end up loosing your money so quickly because everything is ridiculously over priced so you gave to fork out real money and fu*k paying real money.

I hate to moan because GTA is/was one of my favorite game series of all time but the way GTA Online has gone it's just ruined it for me and it's a shame

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