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GTA TheProfessional, Being punished for supporting a content creator.

GrandTheftAutoV8 - GTA TheProfessional, Being punished for supporting a content creator.

Hello guys, yes you guys read that title right, I am not even joking. I am writing this post just to expose a youtuber by the name of SaucerCats. He has around 1100 subs. But I strongly encourage nobody to sub to his channel nor watch his streams for the simple reason that this guy is a massive p**ck like I have never seen before. So let me start with this , I really like to watch videos from TheProfessional Youtube channel, he is one of my favorite youtubers, and I think he is great and will be sucessful in the future and will eventually surpass MrBossFTW in the GTA community . I am supporting his channel through patreon, his membership, and also superchats. However, one of his moderators is SaucerCats, and he saw how big of a fan I was and could not stand the fact that he was getting more support than his channel most likely, As a result, he randomly decided to block from livechats during his live streams preventing me to even comment or send superchats for little to no reason. He knows i am supporting his channel, but abused the fact with his moderation to randomly blocked me from livechat, simply because I said, and I quote "the professional seems more friendly than his moderator because at least he cares more about his community". The Reason I said that comment is I tried to also support the channel of this saucercats and subbed to him, but got ignored, I make a simple comment critisizing this guy and boom block from livechats streams directly for a minor critic. I did not even cussed at him or dissed him whatsover, he just got annoyed and he blocked for cupple days. Its ridicoulous, Last time i heard something similar to this ordeal was when Justin Beiber was spitting on his fans from a balcony. I will keep supporting theProfessional YT after he kindly unbanned me and himself thought it was just a mistake because DUH, WHY YOU BLOCK SOMEBODY WHO GIVES DONATIONS TO A YOUTUBE CHANNEL. Then SaucerCats goes evasive thinking it was a mistake but later found out it was intentional. Nevertheless, even after i thought it could be a mistake, to clear the air I went to Saucercats channel to show some support and love for the Pro community and what do you know, banned from his livechats. Oh well its not like I really care, but I am just hoping this post will go around so the people who support TheProfessional YT, to avoid any contact with SaucerCats YT channel, at all. I never dissed the guy or cussed at him, he just got annoyed by one simple comment during a livestream and decided to abuse of his moderation power because he think its cool to block supporters. ITs such a DISGRACE, SCUMBAG AND DISGUTING thing that I decided to share this story in the hopes more people from the Pro community will avoid this youtuber, Do not sub to his channel, do not show any support to saucercats, its just a waste of appreciation.I hope this post will go around in the community so people will see how childish this guy behaved, I would STRONLY RECOMMEND TO CHECK OUT THE CHANNEL OF FILLIP7715 , HEAD MODERATOR OF PRO COMMUNITY, way more sympathetic guy and VERY HELPFUL. Thanks for reading and have a great day.


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