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GTA with friends is magical

GrandTheftAutoV1 - GTA with friends is magical

I have a long history with this game. Played all the PS2 ones when I was 7-9. I remember seeing the commercials on TV for V and I had never been more excited in my life. My mom picked it up a couple days after it came out. Both me and my little brother played it religiously, although we didn’t have internet and didn’t follow game news or new releases whatsoever. About 6 months later, a kid on the bus told me about Online. It utterly blew my mind. I was obsessed for weeks. I don’t remember when I played it first, but I think it was at my cousin’s house. Then I started watching Vanoss gaming’s GTA Online videos. Again, religiously. I didn’t have internet in my household until a while later. But when I did, the game consumed my life for YEARS. This was on the PS3 version, and without a mic. I played solo for that long. I would go on to play the game for countless hours on all platforms except for the PC. In 2017, I had an Xbox One, while my brother and all my friends had a PS4. One night, I called I think 4 or 5 friends and told them to get on GTA. (I was playing on my brother’s system) That night was one of the best times of my life. I still haven’t laughed harder. I would continue to do this until I was able to get a PS4. We played a lot. Although we would mostly just mess around in the open world, and try out any new major content additions. But the updates got worse and worse. The actual content was cool, but the prices. Rockstar’s abhorrent business practices made me distance myself from the game. I would still mess around with my friends, but being harassed by the game to buy shit never failed to make me angry. We tried every new business that came out, the only one I liked was the Biker update. This anger would cap off at the Doomsday Heist. I still haven’t finished it. But that’s another discussion, this update made me so mad I stopped playing the game entirely. Months later I would play it on and off with friends. The Gay Tony update came out, I tried it, hated it. They bastardized I character I really loved. I stop playing again. Arena Wars comes out, I actually somewhat liked it! But still stopped playing. Didn’t pick the game up again until last night. Played it with one friend. And we had a blast. We decked out a Rumpo, and drove it off Mt. Chilliad. Then went biking in Raton Canyon. It was so much fun. There’s an internet value to an open world game of this variety that you can play with friends. I’ve yet to see this magic replicated with any other game.

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Throughout all last year, I was hyped for RDR2 more than even GTA V. (I only played the first game a year prior) I was just as hyped for the online. I was worried about microtransaction stuff, but the hype took over. Game came out, one of my favorites of all time, waited for online. The beta was announced, I was still hyped. It comes out.

I have never been more disappointed by anything in my life.

My utter hatred for RDR2 Online still stands. It seems this “magic” may never be capitalized on. But I hold onto hope. I will never forget the memories I have with GTA Online. And I’ll still continue to play it as long as I possibly can.

(Sorry for the ramble also the timeframes might not make much sense my memory is a little hazy)

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