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Hacked My Email And Deleted My Social Club Account – “There Is Nothing We Can Do.” Rockstar Said.

GrandTheftAutoV6 - Hacked My Email And Deleted My Social Club Account - "There Is Nothing We Can Do." Rockstar Said.

I bought the game from Steam Summer Sales in June 2018, before I went on a vacation. While I was enjoying my vacation I found out that I couldn't login into my email, I instantly realized that I got hacked. So I contacted support so I can get my email back. After few days my password was successfully reset, but after logging into my account I found out that the hacker also changed my Uplay and Steam account to some Russian email account. So I contacted Uplay and Steam support and got my account quickly back. But here comes the problem.

After I came home from the vacation finally thinking that everything was okay, I turned on my PC to play GTA V for the first time. I ran GTA 5 on my Steam and realized that the social club is asking me for a login again even after I ticked "Remember my password", I was like "Okay nevermind I'll simply login again". After that attempt I realized that the hacker deleted my Social Club account, I didn't know it was a big problem so I created a new one logged into my game where I had to put my CD-Key again so I did and then the error message showed up "Error: This Product Key has already been used". That's the point where I contacted support.

I simply emailed them what happened, they told me that I have to send them screenshots that say that I am the owner of that account so I did and they responed:


Hello ItsMarW,
Thank you for contacting Rockstar Support.
Could you please try to contact the support of both Steam and Gmail, to ask them for an explicit confirmation ?
If they can explicitly tell you that your account was compromised at a specific date, a screenshot of this would be very helpful.
Once we have these elements, we will be able to examine your request further.
If you are unable to get theses, we will try to check your case with the information we have at the moment.
Best regards,
Edward D. Rockstar Support | Tier 3

I contacted the supports gathered all the screenshots sent it to Rockstar and they said that the support has to say my username in the confirmation message. So I reopened the cases contacted them again, asked if they could repeat the confirmation message with my username in it, they did, I took a screenshot again, sent it to Rockstar and they replied:

Hello ItsMarW,.
Thank you for your patience while we have been gathering necessary information to legitimatize your claim.
But once the account has been deleted there is nothing we can do. Unfortunately, we are unable to proceed with your request.
Best regards,
Sylvester G. Rockstar Support | Supervisor

This was the reply I get after a month chatting with them. At this point I didn't know if I should be angry or just laugh. Some Russian guy played my game while I was on a vacation and after getting all my stolen accounts back, Rockstar is the only one that said "There is nothing to do."

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