Grand Theft Auto V

Had high expectations but I’m getting bored

GrandTheftAutoV3 - Had high expectations but I'm getting bored

I need the help of this community, because I need to understand if I'm doing something wrong. So I recently bought a decent PC to work with (video/animation) and since I come from a purely Nintendo background (since N64, also own a switch) I decided "I would love to play GTA!". And so I bought GTA V. Also, I saw an hour of story/gameplay of it on a 360 played by a friend of mine and I was impressed. The problem is that after playing the story on and off from work for a month now (I'm at the submarine mission), I don't find any interest whatsoever in it. After dinner I find myself in the awkward position of "have to" play GTA V, because i generally like to finish games i buy, but in the end I find myself playing other things. I don't remember anything of the plot beside the old friendship between Michael and Trevor. I'm also playing online with a friend of mine that played the game before me, and I've currently spent much more time in online rather than story mode. The problem is that even when I'm playing online, of course I'm having fun because I'm playing with a friend, but I find it a bit repetitive and frustrating for the bugs and glitches. I don't mind other crews because it's part of the game. I'm tempted to say that playing so much online is ruining the pleasure of the single player story. Is it possible? What should I do? Background: I'm not a noob when it comes to action games. I've played cooperatively and finished all gears of war and a few CODs (I do now own gears 4 for PC and I'm really enjoying it). I also have 200 hours or so on Pay Day 2 on steam that I accumulated on my old laptop. I don't have the cult for cars from but I generally like driving games. I don't mean to sound picky but the reaction I have sometimes is "ok can't we play a serious shooter now?" or a serious driving game? A game that does one thing and it does it well, gameplay wise. I know GTA isn't meant to be serious at all, but rather a joke and a satire. I also find driving/flying between the office and the bunker extremely boring, because my friend tends to have the exclusivity of driving, and he wants me in the vehicle for cover. I'm also experiencing a very frustrating "thing", don't know if it's a bug: I'm playing on PC with a controller, and sometimes my character jumps by himself from the helicopter, without me pressing anything. Wtf? Appreciate your time for reading and suggestions.


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