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Heavy sniper mk3

GrandTheftAutoV10 - Heavy sniper mk3

Here is my concept on a heavy sniper mk3 and what it could be made into leave comments, questions or suggestions below

So the idea would be a anti vehicle heavy sniper, it would have a lock on to valuable parts of the vehicles which u can change with different pad to switch parts

On planes

On planes u can target Jet engines Properller It will cause them to stop running and smoke Has a chance to restart back up

On helicopters

You can lock onto

Weapons U can lock onto the machine guns or misses disabling there use

Rear router Causing them to lose control

On cars/trucks U can lock onto Engine Causing vehicle to stall possible restart up

Tires When shot will cause the rim to Come off the car

When available Nos Making it so u can't activate Nos or shunt Weapons making it so u can't fire

Mines Making it so you can't drop mines for a current amount of time

Oppressors 1 n 2 Would lock onto

Wheels in the mk 1

On both it would lock onto the

Engine . And Booster making them both stall or unusabled

Against players

Will not lock on to actually body Only does 1/4 damage against a player half if a head shot

It can't lock onto any business cargo ranging from ceo to motercycle it can lock onto enemy npcs vehicles


Now people are gonna look at this weapon and go this is over powered by it has to be fired when on the bipod which u have to be near a hood of a vehicle or a low setting wall or something you can set up for full lock on abilities if you wanna fire not on the bipod it limits the lock on range to half


Will take a few seconds to fire in between shots due to being a bolt action

May take a few shots to disable depending in armor level of vehicle

( bullet proof Tires are effected by weapon due to target the full rim )

Capacity The magazine size for this gun would be 10 bullets in the magazine 15 if you buy the extended magazine upgrade You then have a capacity of 2 thosand rounds


On bipod the sniper would have the range of 8 city blocks

While free aiming you will have half of the range while On bipod so only 4 blocks



The upgrade for the gun would be a extended magazine would would increase magazine from 10 to 15 bullets


You can purchase a heavy barrel which will increase the chance of the vehicle not being able to come out of a stall


Stock muzzle will be like the normal sniper rifle where it just ends

Muzzle break will be like a berret muzzle which will increase stopping power in case vehicle has armor

Suppressor for when doing stealth missions npcs are less likely to notice

Tints Livery

The mk 3 will have all the same liverys and tints as the mk 2

Bipod You Will be able to purchase diffrent color and designs of bipods for cosmetic purposes

Price The price for the mk 3 would be From stock 400 grand

But if you already have a heavy sniper mk2 it would only cost 200 grand to upgrade into a mk 3

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