Grand Theft Auto V

Help A Online Noob?

GrandTheftAutoV1 - Help A Online Noob?

This is going to seem stupid to many of you….I just started GTA 5 online. I had the game on the 360. Move to the one. Never picked it up again. Didn't get far then either I'm right back at level 3/4 according to my past rockstar account. I'm unsure if Im missing DLC for it…Have to look it up.

If you guys who are I'm sure VIP, CEO and Bawlers on here could hook me up with actual tips of the online besides u need money…Or do jobs…Id be greatful. I have a basic understanding. I do mean basic. I can join crews perm or temp for jobs. I need to do jobs to so cash to own businessness like basic GTA. What I'm not getting is why random keep killing the Noob!? It provokes my rage. I have a pistol…aaaaa bloody pistol. Know damn well u know ai can't defend myself yet…On top of that I'm still control struggling….Prolly remedy this with story mode..I've made it passive tho. Just trying to get by like many of them were at a point I'm sure…

Are there jobs I should aim for more as well? Races? Open to all constructive tips. I'm aware it's my fault for not following the game..It had to be sold off for money issues then..No more no less..thanks in advance…I work for FedEx btw if I don't reply as soon as you like..Its a busy season

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