Grand Theft Auto V

[Help] FPS lower after SSD and RAM upgrade

GrandTheftAutoV1 - [Help] FPS lower after SSD and RAM upgrade

OS: Windows 10CPU: AMD Ryzen 3 1200 (3.7GHz OC)

RAM: G.SKILL Ripjaws V Series DDR4 3200 (16 GB at 1866 MHz)

GPU: GTX 1070

SSD: SAMSUNG 860 EVO Series, GTA V installed on it

The RAM used to be the same but 8 GB, and I didn't have the SSD. I upgraded 3 months ago now.

Originally, I used Samsung Data Migration, and both my SSD and HDD copies ran worse. I did a proper reinstall a while ago and nothing seems to have changed. I checked and my SSD is on AHCI, which I've seen suggested elsewhere. It hovers around 60 FPS, but usually lower and I've gotten it to go above by dropping the settings. Vsync is obviously off, and changing the resolution or making drastic changes doesn't seem to have much of an effect.

The SSD has made a difference as story does boot quite fast now, but it seems like the switch to SSD has also somehow gimped this game's performance. I opened up a pagefile on my HDD and that doesn't seem to have made a difference either. Forza Horizon 3 went from a stuttering, unplayable mess that made my HDD sound like it was about to explode, to a beauty played on ultra. FiveM was also quite laggy with constant pop-ins before, but that's now quite playable on servers with a lot of content. Servers with just cars/tracks run excellently. The FPS does not seem to be capped in some weird way on it, and affected only by the usual factors.


You might be skeptical of the CPU, but the game ran perfectly fine with worse specs. Easily 70+ FPS and I could've gotten more if I lowered some settings. I also got a Mugen cooler to be able to clear 4 DIMMS since my mobo is kind of tight. It's still overclocked the same (which is a go-to on this CPU, it doesn't approach silicon lottery territory). If anything, the CPU situation should be better.

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Windows Game Bar, Game Mode, etc. are all turned off. Vsync is left to the application in Nvidia Control Panel as are all other settings. Setting it to disabled made no difference. I don't think it's vsync-related anyway as it normally stays below 60 and can go above. I don't use ShadowPlay with GTA V. Drivers, Windows, and BIOS are consistently updated.

TL;DR I upgraded my computer and only GTA V runs worse, considerably worse. Please help 🙂

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