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Help With Social Club Steam Link Conflict Issue

GrandTheftAutoV4 - Help With Social Club Steam Link Conflict Issue

Hey all! There are a lot of post on the Reddit and Steam versions of GTAV talking about how to social club is kind of broken for some people. Apparently this issue is easily fixable by reinstalling the game, reinstalling steam, verifying the game cache, so on and so forth. All of these solutions are not viable for me because I only have a Mac and am a beta tester for Nvidia Geforce NOW. That's how I play PC games. A cloud machine is literally incapable of verifying game caches or reinstalling things or navigating admin access through the library folder because… it's a cloud machine. That stuff doesn't exist.

I literally cannot play GTAV. I'm not a pirate trying to break into a social club account, I don't even want to play online, I just want to play the game for the very first time on singleplayer, and I can't because apparently my copy of the game is linked to a different phantom social club account.

In the event I linked my steam to a different account, I called Rockstar Support and got referred to their support forum. I email them and got referred to their support forum. I go to their support forum, and conveniently there isn't a way to actually submit a question. All I can do is look up solutions to similar issues, when my situation is so unique that I just need an actual person from technical support to help me fix it .Since the social club launcher isn't available for Mac to download, I can't go from there either. I've reset my password, done two-step verification, and so on. The tickets that have been submitted by the email I linked to my social club account are both marked "resolved," because a bot responded to them referring me to the support forum, when in reality they are both completely unresolved.

I want to like Rockstar and this game, but I'm either doing something very wrong and one of you can help me or Rockstar has dodgy bullshit customer support when I don't even give a fu*k about the social club and just want to play the damn game.

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