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Hi I want to share my opinion regarding some of GTA5 players.

GrandTheftAutoV9 - Hi I want to share my opinion regarding some of GTA5 players.

Fucking faggots. I was just on this server against a team of three and I was killing them pretty well. Then their “boss” got salty and kept on texting me shit like “come here little pussy.” Even though he was the one flying that gay-ass-flying motorcycle with rockets (that are practically impossible to dodge) while two of his friends fully dressed in this fucking impenetrable armor were shooting all the explosive ammo in and around every single corner. He then invited some more of his friends on these gay flying motorcycles. I kept up with them but obviously they dominated. But the thing that pisses me the most is that absolutely whenever they would suffer even 1% damage from me or from a cop, they would IMMEDIATELY in the blink of a fucking eye, fire a rocket under themselves so that it is “suicide” and not my kill. How fucking desperate do you have to be to even do this? (I later found out that killing yourself does not actually affect your KD which is absolute fucking BULLSHIT) And after that they tell me that I am a “pussy?” My KD is around 2.2 and I have never fucking done any gay shit like this. These guys were like KD 2, 3, etc. and one of them was 98.93 KD. That FAGGOT would never get off his flying motorcycle that is absolutely fucking impossible to intercept and even when he would suffer a bit of damage, once again suicide. At first, I thought they were crazy pro since after all the deaths (suicides) they could still have such a high KD. He just kept on flying around the server, blowing up AFK people, low levels, and then they would gang up on me as well. Their “boss” then invited me to snipe 1 v 1 against him, but he brought his whole clan? Also, GTA5 is purely fucking donation based unless you are willing to put in THOUSANDS of hours grinding the fuck outta the game (or cheating or bug exploiting), constantly failing missions because your teammates are stupid. SORRY, I did not fucking put a thousand bucks in the game to be able to afford a hydra, bunker, base, club, tanks, explosive ammo and all that other bullshit that is obviously unfair as fuck. When you start off at level one you ain’t got shit but a pistol and a tiny bar of health, Rockstar just basically puts you at a HUGE disadvantage since they want you to donate pretty badly or you will get wrecked. I do not even really care about this cause Ive come across all sorts of faggots like this and even cheaters on PS4, but this was a bit too much. How is it even fun, or does it like make them feel better about themselves? I am sure some or redditors on here do the exact same thing so my question is why? It’s not cool, it does not show your skill. It just shows that you are some desperate little, pathetic bitch. I know its just a game and all but like for these people to think its okay/cool/skillful/fun they must be fucked up inside or something. It is cool to have a nice KD if you are using proper guns and do something outside of riding in a tank blowing everyone up or flying this fucking motorcycle. Because it shows that you can kill more people, therefore you aim better or know the mechanics better or whatever. But when you just keep on spamming rockets 2 KM up in the sky it shows fucking nothing. Anybody who can buy this bike can do the same shit. (And thats what the game actually turned into) Or maybe its some kids that got so fucking dominated while playing the game, that now they are paying back.


Lastly, GTA turned into some shitshow, we used to have GTA for a nice realistic immersive world and we used to have saints row for all the other flying bullshit, what the fuck happened?

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