Grand Theft Auto V

How can a noob survive griefers?

GrandTheftAutoV9 - How can a noob survive griefers?

I just spent an infuriating amount of time trying to spice up some VIP missions but got spawn camped by a griefer on an opressor mk 2. Needless to say, there was no chance that I, a player with a week of experience, was going to survive. Some background: I beat GTA 5 way back when on 360 and recently beat RDR2. I found the online pretty empty at the moment and seeing how awesome GTA Online became I jumped at the chance to buy it for $14.99 on the PS store (included for free was the criminal enterprise starter pack).


I bought a Buzzard since I can call it for free as a CEO and read about how much of a help it was for VIP work. I'm still getting used to the controls but I've found it to be very helpful for Sightseer and Headhunter. However, I got kinda bored of these and wanted to try some new modes but they're almost impossible with griefers. I'm trying to save up to purchase a vehicle warehouse so I can do import export and then sell some of the crappy properties (Paleto Bay Bunker, crappy apartment w/ 2 car garage) so that I can buy high-end apartment and then a bunker in a better location. In the meantime, how can I survive the constant griefers? I can't imagine every lobby is like this but I'm not sure if the majority are, or if it's a rare chance that you get constant griefers. Looking for any advice on how I can stay alive while I grind!

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