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How many characters die or can die in GTA 5?

GrandTheftAutoV10 - How many characters die or can die in GTA 5?

Now without a doubt, mostly every character in GTA 5 have bad intentions of wanting to hurt people and earn cash and a have a happy trigger finger. So, knowing all the characters that die or can die in GTA 5, I decided to make a kill count list. Here we go:


  1. Brad (Shot by Dave)

  2. Esteban Jimenez (Shot off motorcycle by Franklin)

  3. Jay Norris (Blown up by prototype phone rigged by Michael)

  4. D (Shot by Stretch)

  5. Johnny K. (Curb-stomped by Trevor)

  6. Ashley (optional) (Run over by Trevor)

  7. Terry and Clay (Shot by Trevor)

  8. Ortega (Shot by Trevor)

  9. Ernie, Earl, Dale, Doyle, Daryl, Dalton, Dan, and Don O'Neil (All shot and burnt by Trevor)

  10. Azerbaijani (Sniped by Michael and Dave)

  11. M.C. Clip (Shot by Trevor)

  12. Bret Lowrey (Assassinated by Franklin)

  13. 4 Redwoods Cigarettes Jurors (Assassinated by Franklin)

  14. Jackson Skinner (Assassinated by Franklin)

  15. Isaac Penny (Assassinated by Franklin)

  16. Chad Mulligan (optional) (Murdered by Franklin)

  17. Javier Madrazo (Shot by Trevor)

  18. Enzo Bonelli (Assassinated by Franklin)

  19. Walton and Wynn O'Neil (Sniped by Michael)

  20. Elwood O'Neil (Shot by Franklin)

  21. Floyd and Debra (Slaughtered by Trevor)

  22. Rocco (Shot by Michael)

  23. Molly (Sucked into jet engine)

  24. Agent Sanchez (Shot by Steve Haines)

  25. United Liberty Paper Contact (Shot by either Michael or F.I.B. firing squad)

  26. Trevor (optional) (Murdered by Franklin and Michael)

  27. Michael (optional) (Murdered by Franklin)

  28. Wei Cheng, Tao Cheng, Tao's Translator, and Wei's Lieutenant (Blown up by Franklin)

  29. Stretch (Stabbed to death by Michael)

  30. Steve Haines (Sniped by Trevor)

  31. Devin Weston (Kidnapped and murdered by Franklin, Michael, and Trevor)


  1. Norm Richards (Falls off bike into traffic during jewelry store heist)

  2. Daryl Johns (Run over by cop car during Paleto Score)

  3. Hugh Welsh (Blown up by exploding doors in burning building during Bureau Raid)

  4. Karim Denz (Crashes helicopter during the Big Score)

  5. Taliana Martinez (Crashes helicopter during the Big Score if Lester fails to take out Merrywhether choppers)

  6. Eddie Toh (Crashes helicopter during the Big Score if Lester fails to take out Merrywhether choppers)

  7. Packie McReary (Sold to Altruists by Trevor)


  1. Peter Dreyfuss (Shot by Franklin)

  2. Abigail (optional) (Murdered by Michael)

  3. Beverly (optional) (Murdered by Franklin)

  4. Dom (Commits suicide when jumping off the ledge of a dam)

  5. Josh (Shot by Trevor)

  6. Joe and Josef (Shot by Trevor)

  7. Willie (optional) (Murdered by Trevor)

  8. Mark Fostenburg (Shot by Trevor)

  9. Al Di Napoli (optional) (Murdered by Trevor)

  10. Ralph Ostrowski (optional) (Shot by Trevor)

  11. Larry Tupper (optional) (Shot by Trevor)

  12. Glenn Scoville (optional) (Shot by Trevor)

  13. Curtis Weaver (optional) (Shot by Trevor)

  14. "Bigfoot" (optional) (Murdered by Franklin)


  1. Antonia Bottino (Sold to Altruists by Trevor)

  2. Ursula (Sold to Altruists by Trevor)

  3. Runaway Bride (Sold to Altruists by Trevor)

  4. Lost M.C. Girl (Sold to Altruists by Trevor)

  5. Simeon (Run over by either Franklin or Michael)

  6. Dr. Friedlander (Shot by Michael)

So now concluding this. The total amount of characters that die or can die in GTA 5 is 56 people. If I missed anyone, please let me know, and I'll add them to the list.

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