Grand Theft Auto V

How to be faster in open wheel racing.

GrandTheftAutoV7 - How to be faster in open wheel racing.

This guide will show some tips and tricks I've picked up along the way to being one of the fastest racers on PC. Hopefully this can help you guys out and you won't be completely bewildered as to how I'm so fast.

Ok so first thing's first. The best advice I can give you is to practice, practice, practice. Run races solo, experiment with corners, where you can harvest energy, how to approach the corners, where to slow down, etc. A lot of the corners are compound corners that depend on the previous corner to get the best exit.

The second best piece of advice I can give you is to learn to drive in 1st person view, 3rd person is slower, period. 1st person is strange to drive at first, but it's better, it's much more precise, it lets you see the apex much better. I can come much closer to the wall with 1st person than 3rd.

I will tell you now, in my experience, the entry phase into the corner is not that important, it's the exit that matters the most. There's very little difference in braking at the absolute last moment, and coasting to the corner off the gas and merely tapping the brakes. In fact the latter is probably faster because it lets you be more precise.

This leads to my next tip. Corner entry would be more important if you didn't have KERS boost. However you do have KERS boost, and if you want to be faster than the next guy, it helps a lot if you have more KERS boost than your opponent. A full KERS boost vs no boost down a main straight is worth A LOT of time.

So how do you ensure you have more boost than the next guy? Well the next guy is likely braking at the last moment, and he will only have as much KERS boost as he got from braking at the last moment. You have to extend the braking phase, stop accelerating before you brake, coast to the corner, then brake. As long as your not accelerating and moving, you're harvesting KERS boost.


If you are coming up to a hair pin, and you lift off the gas for 50 meters before you would normally brake, you harvest KERS boost for those 50 meters, plus when you hit the brakes. Which gives you more boost when you exit the corner. Sure you lose a tenth or two on entry, but you gain up to half a second on exit, which means it's a net quarter second gain.

Finally, and I'm sure a lot of you already know this, but the track is composed of the main road, the kerbs on the outside of the road, and a small strip of concrete flanking either side of the track. Those small strips of concrete have less grip than the main track does. If you drive on that part of the track it gives you an extra 6 mph of speed. It also drastically improves the power of KERS boost. The caveat is that it takes a lot more skill and bravery to consistently drive on that part of the road. One small mistake and you can easily lose a front wing, or crash, competitors can push you into the wall, and most embarrassingly you can miss a checkpoint by accidentally driving too far off the track.

So it's a high risk high reward way of driving.

Now for tuning tips and tricks.

The wings add more downforce to the car in races with no drag penalty, however, the more expensive wings will also cause more tire wear. So to tune you have to find a good compromise between downforce and tire wear.

On my BR8 I use the championship front wing, and the 3rd most expensive rear wing. The one that has a fin and the DRS actuator. For skirts I used lightened aerodynamic body. This gives me the best compromise between downforce and tire longevity, YMMV.

Hopefully this helps you go faster and I can have some decent competition instead of triple lapping mobile chicanes.

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