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How to Become A Billionaire: A Heist and Stock Market Guide

GrandTheftAutoV2 - How to Become A Billionaire: A Heist and Stock Market Guide

Before I begin, I would like to say that I created this guide with the help of
flowers4charlie - How to Become A Billionaire: A Heist and Stock Market Guide

u/flowers4charlie's Reddit post and
IGNentertainment - How to Become A Billionaire: A Heist and Stock Market GuideIGN's YouTube

, to create the ultimate money making guide for Grand Theft Auto 5. I do not claim ownership of any of their words which may be written below. I created this because some of their information was confused or outdated, however I still recommend checking both links out, have fun making money!

Heist #1: The Jewel Store Job

Approach: Option B "Smart"

Crew: Hacker: Rickie Lukens |Gunman: Packie Mcreary | Driver: Karim Denz

Summary: Using Rickie Lukens gives you enough time to grab all the jewelry in the store, bringing a better hacker just gives you more time that you don't need. Packie Mcreary is a better choice than Gustavo Mota for your gunman, as he performs the same but costs 2% less. To unlock Packie as a heist crew member, you must complete his random event where he is robbing a store
near Franklin's house and needs a getaway driver. Don't use Norm Richards as he will die, preventing you from using him on the final heist. Karim Denz will bring sports bikes, which while fast, aren't as good as the dirt bikes Eddie Toh would bring. Despite the inferior bikes your take won't be affected, so make sure you bring him.

Heist #2: The Merryweather Heist

Approach: Option A "Freighter" or B "Offshore"

Crew: N/A

Summary: I personally prefer option B for this heist, or "Offshore," for it's stealthy approach and since it's quicker. It might be good to note that as Micheal you do not need to do Flight School located at Los Santos International, even though Trevor wants you to. Although, no matter which of the two methods you choose you will ultimately end with $0, because Lester prevents you from selling the score.

MORE THAN IMPORTANT: Before the "Blitz Play" heist, you will receive Franklin's first assassination mission, go complete "The Hotel Assassination" to continue the story line, however do not continue with any more of Lester's assassination missions until you complete "The Big Score" heist and earn the funds from it. Finishing these missions prior to the completion of the game will disallow you from becoming a multi billionaire.

Heist #3: Blitz Play

Approach: N/A

Crew: N/A

Summary: I can see this being controversial, however I am putting "Blitz Play" as a heist in this guide because it is marked as a Heist on the in-game map, requires Heist Setup missions to be completed, and needs a getaway vehicle. The reason this will be controversial is because there is no money for completion, as the FIB take it all, and because there is no planning an approach or picking a crew.

Heist #4: The Paleto Score

Approach: N/A

Crew: Gunman: Packie Mcreary

Summary: For this heist, every time you or your accomplices get shot in the back, you lose money. You start with $8,016,020, the highest take I've gotten personally was about $7,980,000, because your gunman of choice will be hit. Packie Mcreary is the best to bring along if you brought him on the Jewel Store Heist, as he performs pretty well and costs 2% less than Gustavo Mota. If you bring Norm Richards or Daryl Johns, he'll be hit by a police car and pinned against a wall about halfway through the mission, and you'll be forced to leave him behind and lose a third of the money. You are able to pick his money up which results in a higher take. Do not take Daryl Johns as he has the lowest take for a gunman at 6%, which will save you at least 1% on "The Big Score."

Heist #5: The Bureau Raid

Approach: Option B "Roof Entry"

Crew: Hacker: Rickie Lukens | Gunman: Daryl Johns | Driver: Taliana Martinez

Summary: In this heist, Michael opts out of his cut, resulting in him earning $0, however Franklin will still receive the money from the job. Bringing a better hacker than Rickie Lukens will help you navigate the hacking minigame faster, but it's effectively useless. The gunman will not die on this heist, as long as you choose option B, or "Roof Entry," so you should bring Daryl Johns. Taliana Martinez will bring an ambulance, the superior getaway vehicle, and only costs 5%. She can be found along the side of the freeway on in the north east area of the map, next to an overturned car. Finding her is random encounter, and you have to drive her to Sandy Shores before she dies. There is a chance when escaping in the ambulance that Norm Richards or Daryl Johns will shoot at the cops and you'll gain a one star wanted level, however this doesn't have any effect on the take.


Heist #6: The Big Score

Approach: Option B "Obvious"

Crew: Helicopter Pilot: Taliana Martinez | Train Driver: Karim Denz | Gunmen: Daryl Johns and Norm Richards

Important: If you choose to kill Trevor, Franklin and Micheal will earn 1.5 times the money from "The Big Score" heist, as his cut will be split between them, earning Franklin and Micheal $62,496,000 each. If you choose not to kill either Trevor or Micheal each character will earn $41,664,000 each. And finally, if you, stupidly, choose to kill Michael his cut will be given to his family, resulting in Trevor and Franklin earning $41,664,000 each.

Summary: Bring Taliana Martinez to pilot the chopper, as she'll do the job just fine, and she only asks for 5%. Then make sure you bring Karim to drive the train, as if he flies the helicopter he will crash it, losing over half the take. Neither Daryl Johns or Norm Richards will affect the heist, so bring them for their insignificant cuts of 6% and 7%. If you want to do option A "Stealth," the most you can make is $34,892,000 per character, which is not recommended as it is $6,772,000 less than option B. If you would like to do option A, bring Packie Mcreary and Norm Richards as your gunmen, bring Taliana Martinez and Karim Denz your drivers, and bring Rickie Lukens as your hacker.

Now that your bank account is over 40 million dollars richer than before, it's time to become a multi billionaire. In this next section "Prior Investment" refers to which stock you should dump all of your money into prior to the mission, and "Latter Investment" refers to which stock you should dump all of your money into after the mission.

Assassination Mission #1: The Multi-Target Assassination

Prior Investment: Debonaire (DEB)

Latter Investment: Redwood (RWC)

Summary: Prior to "The Multi-Target Assassination" have all your characters invest into Debonaire (DEB) Cigarettes, Redwood's rival, until your return on investment is around 100% (highest possible is 103.27%). Once you sell your stocks, proceed to purchase Redwood (RWC) Cigarettes, at about 38$ per share. After a couple in-game days, your return on investment will be about 300%, with each stock worth about 150$ per share. Now, sell all your shares in the stock market and prepare for the second assassination mission.

Assassination Mission #2: The Vice Assassination

Prior Investment: Fruit (FRT)

Latter Investment: Facade (FAC)

Summary: Before assassinating Facade's CEO, invest in the Fruit (FRT) company, Facade's rival. Complete the mission and wait for your return on investment is about 50%. Immediately, once your return on investment is about 150%, sell your shares and invest all your money into Facade (FAC), when their shares are just under 190-200$. Wait for their stocks to rise to about 470$ a share and sell, for a 33% increase.

Assassination Mission #3: The Bus Assassination

Prior Investment: N/A

Latter Investment: Vapid (VAP)

Summary: Vapid (VAP) Motorcars have no rival affected in the stock market, so there is no point investing in any company prior to this mission. After waiting a short while, Vapid (VAP) Motorcars' stocks will fall by about 50% to around 200$. Invest at this point, and wait for your return on investment to reach 100%.

Assassination Mission #4: The Construction Assassination

Prior Investment: GoldCoast (GCD)

Latter Investment: N/A

Summary: By killing the mob boss extorting the company, the construction company will be better off, and their shares will increase; therefore there is no investment after the assassination. Invest all your money into GoldCoast (GCD) Construction, prior to the assassination, complete the mission, and sell your stocks for a return on your investment of about 90% to 100%.


Assuming you followed the guide correctly, you should have above 2 billion dollars in each of your characters bank accounts or, if you decided to kill Trevor, above 3 billion dollars! Please comment on any improvements I can make to this guide, thanks!

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