Grand Theft Auto V

How would you invest in order to make money?

GrandTheftAutoV6 - How would you invest in order to make money?

Okay, I bought the criminal enterprise pack so I have an office, bunker, moyer cycle club (with counterfeit money making business), plenty of cars, and a non attack helicopter. I have about 1.5 Mil but can easily get that up a bit if I need to. And I don’t have any friends that play so i’m basically on my own for the most part.

and, I already since I already had the CEO office I had a warehouse as well

Here are my options (i’m assuming, let me know if these are trash)

1) Save up a bit a get a buzzard, after all they are pretty necessary to get certain CEO missions done. The only drawback is that I have a helicopter, it just doesn’t have missiles so it seems like a bit of a waste.

2) Buy a vehicle warehouse, i’m not exactly sure how these missions work but I hear they are lucrative, the only thing is, will I need a buzzard?

3) Focus on production on either the counterfeit cash business or, bunker. This would mean spending it on upgrades. (also, which business is better in terms of money making)

4) Get a nightclub and Terrorbyte . This is what i’m thinking about doing because, they are like 40% discounted right now and i would almost be able to afford both. This would pretty much open all my options for money making, except i wouldn’t have a buzzard lol. However, would this just be excessive and I should really be focusing on one business to make big money?

5) Or, of course, the obvious and best option, but a safe in my CEO office and motorcycle club and use the rest on decorations for all my businesses.

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