Grand Theft Auto V

I got banned from the official GTA Discord Server.

GrandTheftAutoV2 - I got banned from the official GTA Discord Server.

I was doing the Diamond Casino Heist (Silent and Sneaky approach) with some dude from the discord server as I needed a person to do the heist with. The guy who I usually do these heists with (with no issues) wasn't on at the time, so I had to resort to a random.

At first, everything is running smoothly. We kill the 3 guys at the front desk, then the guy in the security room and open the extra vault. Now after this is where it starts to get frustrating and difficult. between the 2 of us and neither of us we're using a mic at the time and we had to use discord messaging to communicate. After were done at the first floor, we head downstairs to the vault where there are 2 security guards standing in the back area.

For some reason, our timing was always off. Either i shot my guy too early, or he shot his guy too early. Even when it seemed like we managed to kill those guys at the same time, the alarm KEPT going off. When this kept happening after 10 tries I messaged him saying that we should just leave those guys alone and just go without killing them. He didn't take my suggestion. He wanted to kill the guys in the back. So finally after SO many retires of trying to sync shot the guys in the back, he doesn't shoot the guard that comes through the door and then I get spotted and we failed. Thats when I get pissed and leave. I just figured that if you're doing a mission with someone, and you two can never seem to get it right, whats the whole fucking point in trying to stay to complete it with them especially when theres no chemistry at all?


Shortly after I left, someone else messaged me asking to do the heist. So I did it with him. And guess what? I managed to do it with him FIRST FUCKING TRY WITH NO RESET, compared to the other guy I was playing with. That just goes to show that it just all comes down to finding the right person because not everyone is going to be a good fit and some people have different playstyles.

So with that being said, if any of the reddit GTA mods or discord mods see this, I would really like to request a unban. I know suddenly leaving wasn't the right thing to do but I was heated as me and my partner could never seem to get it right. If there are any mods that can help with my situation please message me on discord my username is:dF_Oreo#9062 or under this reddit thread.

By the way, I was originally going to post this under
gtaonline - I got banned from the official GTA Discord Server.

r/gtaonline but my posted kept getting flagged and deleted as "repetitive podium win post" even though this has NOTHING to do with that at all. Im posting this here hoping that someone thats a mod who can help or someone that has connections with that discord server sees this.

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