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If each character’s personal car “evolved” and became a car that was better in almost every way while filling the previous one’s role, what would they be driving?

GrandTheftAutoV9 - If each character's personal car "evolved" and became a car that was better in almost every way while filling the previous one's role, what would they be driving?

I got bored and wanted to try this out.

  • Trevor's easy, he'd have a Canis Kamacho. Two more seats, much faster, the roof can be removed, and he still gets to keep Wade in the back. One of its front bull-bars can let him see Mr. Raspberry Jam as he drives.

  • Franklin's Buffalo S is already Bravado's fastest 4 door. Albany V-STR might be it, as it looks like the american-produced power car that it is, feels like it was made for getaways, but looks more expensive.

His Bagger bike would have to be another smuggling bike, that rides in the same posture and can have carrying space. Although, he didn't have much of a choice in which bike he wanted when he and Lamar stole it, so i'm not sure in what he'd choose. Also, the only bikes that fits the "prerequisites" are Sovereign, and Dinka Thrust which is faster and more expensive, but it's not american made. I'd go for Thrust, but again, he didn't have a choice in which bike he wanted

  • Michael's Tailgater is the same as Buffalo S, Obey's best 4 door. He has a vehicle that can both carry a family, but also blend in a city's wealthiest neighborhood, without demanding too much attention. I'd say Coil Raiden (tesla model S). I was also thinking of Ocelot Jugular, but its rear fenders look like they were put for racing, while Mike is more subtle. Same goes for Pegassi Toros, it's the fastest 4 door in the game, but it would turn too many heads (and it doesn't have a trunk. It can't open).

TL;DR: Trevor would have a Canis Kamacho, Franklin would have an Albany V-STR and a Dinka Thrust but i'm not sure on the bike, Michael would have a Coil Raiden.


If we want to extend this to every character's personal car…

  • the Hot Rod Blazer at Trevor's trailer would definitely be either a Nagasaki Stryder or a Western Rampant Rocket

  • Amanda's Ubermacht Sentinel Cabrio would become a Lampadati Felon GT (i know, much less of an upgrade, but the other 4 seating convertible is Enus Windsor Drop, that's more of The Queen's car rather than a movie producer's wife's.)

  • As of 2017, Ron says Trevor's gone all Vinewood, but i don't know what that means for TPI, so i'm not sure if he'd change the company Frogger. If he did though, he would have an Annihilator. The most subtle looking attack chopper. While the miniguns are very hard to aim, Trevor's piloting skills would make up for it.

  • I'm not sure on Tracey's Issi, it's the only convertible Sedan. Her Issi is the ultimate "car that you own because every cool kid does". If she had a sports car, my guess is Pfister Comet, which looks a bit like Issi and like it, it's the "starter pack" of its kind of cars. As for the variant, in order of how sure on it i am: standard, Retro, SR, Safari.

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