Grand Theft Auto V

If you need help, some friends, or even just people to help sell ur crap. PS4

GrandTheftAutoV4 - If you need help, some friends, or even just people to help sell ur crap. PS4

I've seen a couple posts from people who could use a hand, so I'm throwing this out there.

I run a crew, only rule is you don't kill fellow crew members in freeroam. Unspoken rule I guess is don't be a d*ck to fellow crew members either. Bunch of members who help each other out and generally make this game far more enjoyable.

I'll make this offer, if you are willing to learn and think you can be respectful to fellow members, send me your social club name and in game screen name, I'll send you an invite. (I need social club name to invite, and screen name so i know who is who incase i need to boot a player from the crew)

Anybody who reads this and would like to try being in a crew/needs some friends to help sell stuff (provided u are willing to return the favor of course), can message me and I'll invite. Violate our simple rule multiple times and I'll boot you, but I think you'll find it far more pleasurable to work with us. Once I get a sense of what kind of player you are, I'll up your crew rank which will allow you to invite any friends you wish to have join.


If you don't wish to stay in the crew, no hard feelings. I also don't care if you keep our crew tag active or are in 4 other crews. This is a game and I started this crew to make it easier for like minded folk to find more like minded folk and cooperate.

Even if you leave the crew, maybe you'll find a few friends to help you along your path.

The crew is YMAC

One last thing about the crew, we have multiple females/girls/women who play regularly and use their mics, so be respectful. If you start getting weird, saying sexual stuff, or doing the hump dance to them, I will perma boot you and word will spread fast in the crew. They are cool and will be down to help you out, return the favor by treating them like a fellow gamer.

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Fyi to all, save your money the next few weeks if you can. GTA online is take 2s golden goose and I doubt they will let xmas pass without trying to get a few more eggs.

Be well, Dan

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