Grand Theft Auto V

Im sick and tired of the game acting up in Director Mode (Please read)

GrandTheftAutoV4 - Im sick and tired of the game acting up in Director Mode (Please read)

Hello to everyone reading, this is a rant so please give me a chance and listen to what I have to say before calling me names. thank you

Whenever I play GTA 5 I would usually play the story mode most of the time but I'm finding it difficult and frustrating to enjoy and I don't like playing in the free roam of story mode at all now because of the following:

  1. Traffic constantly trying to hit and cut you off, meaning you have to swerve most of the time,

  2. NPC's always taking their phones out and calling police for less than minor accidents.

  3. The inescapable, brutish police who literally ruin the whole essence of having police in an open world game.

  4. NPC's always trying to fight you for no reason.

  5. "Scripted" vehicles coming out of random alleys and side ramming you.

So I discovered the Director Mode and I thought I had found the only remaining source of enjoyment I had left with GTA 5 but it soon became clear that the problems are even worse and even more broken now in Director Mode.

Instead of writing a paragraph I will list what has been happening to me in Director Mode and why I just don't really enjoy GTA 5 after not even having it for a year!!

1) In Director Mode's Menu there is an option for traffic density, when I select the Low option and change the settings it just seems to make things worse instead of making less traffic spawn, what the game does is it just spawns more vehicles but whenever im not looking and the worst part is that it spawns big vehicles like trucks and utility vehicles or 4×4's, this has definitely been done deliberately on R'stars part and im disgusted that director is so broken now.

2) There is also an option in Director Mode to select vehicles saved from your garage, seems easy right ?….well there's a catch, of all the damn places to spawn a vehicle director mode spawns vehicles slap bang in the middle of the flipping road so that if I try to get it I will get hit by cars (luckily this hasn't happened but its beyond infuriating that every vehicle you spawn is directly in the damn road!!).


3) Today I spawned my Declasse Asea when the game spawned me in Sandy Shores and just guess what happened… wasn't just spawned in the road it was fricking spawned sideways in the middle of the road and I witnessed a stupid ai driver hit my car because the idiots don't understand how to drive around something.

And those 3 issues tied with the Story Mode issues is why im have so much anger/frustration towards GTA 5, no other game has made me feel the anger I feel more than this game.

it seems rockstar had 1 plan and that was to design a game that literally messes with you in almost every way. (sigh) all I want to do is have a nice drive and I alway have to worry about lane changers, and drivers who want to cut me off/purposely hit me.

Another thing I have gathered about the traffic is that they act the worse on Wednesday more than any other day in GTA 5, they cut you off, honk, come out of nowhere, hit you and it seems to be pushed to the limit on Wednesday. it's really strange and annoying, this is why I believe something is broken with the game's traffic.

Is anyone else getting so tired of GTA 5 and the traffic? It feels like I want to give up but at the same time I just want to enjoy the game but I can't really with all these issues. You may think "oh its just traffic" or "you'll get used to it" but believe me I have played racing games for years and I can get used to physics just like with GTA5 but that's not the problem, you will just trick yourself by saying things like that, the traffic is more than infuriating and receptive and its a disgrace to have ai like this in something called a game and I can't believe that director mode is so bad now.

Thanks for reading all of this, I needed to get this off my chest, sorry for the rant.

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