Grand Theft Auto V

Introducing BryonyBot: A New Way to track GTA Weekly Content Updates and Sales

GrandTheftAutoV4 - Introducing BryonyBot: A New Way to track GTA Weekly Content Updates and Sales

Hey everyone, /u/Dan6erbond here.

As many of you might already know, I'm a moderator and software engineer for this sub, and would like to officially announce our second project which will finally add some structure and neutrality to how the weekly updates, which are a big part of the information this subreddit offers, have been handled in the past.

Long-time users of the subreddit will be aware that there are certain personalities that have evolved over the time and reliably brought us a list of the sales, new content and featured missions whenever the updates are released. It's an effort that they chose to make without payment or anything to gain from it, and it's extremely appreciated.

That isn't to say everything has been smooth sailing, though. These kind of undertakings come with some drama, something we intend to change now. Which is why we are officially phasing out community-made posts in favor of those posted by /u/BryonyBot. This post is all about answering any questions, clearing up any confusion and of course, showing you guys our roadmap for this project, since we're very excited to release it and hear your guys' thoughts on it!

What Will Change?

Very little. Anyone who has previously been posting the sales, is free to continue doing so. There's a unique flair to each of these posts, and they offer different levels of detail and their own formats. Which I'm sure everyone here appreciates having the variety and the choice to share to their favorite Discord servers, crew members, and friends.

But in the past the moderator team hasn't been able to be impartial, and favored one post which came on a weekly basis by pinning it for the entire week. That won't be the case anymore, all community posts and their visibility are from now on controlled by their popularity with Reddit's voting system. Instead, we will be pinning the posts made by /u/BryonyBot.

How Does The New Bot Work?

Anyone interested on the technical details of this system is free to read more about it in my blog post here or check out the GitHub repository!

Unfortunately, we haven't figured out a way to automatically gather the data required, without some crazy AI or machine learning based systems (outside of this scope), so in effect this bot acts as a layer between people who check the sales, and you guys. We developed a dashboard, that allows community members we hire to edit the weekly updates, and the system will reflect those entries in real-time in a weekly post. Here are some screenshots of those panels:

Weekly Update Editor

Vehicle Editor

Mission Editor


Property Editor

This system allows us to neatly keep an inventory of pretty much any purchasable item in the game, missions and then aggregate those in the weekly updates. We also already web-scraped most of the vehicles in the game, so our database is pretty much complete with all the required information. The updates are also visible on a public site here. This part of the site has already been refined by the very talented /u/Frish to look like the GTA pause menu:

Embedded updates

But since we're aware, that most people come to this sub to quickly get the information they need, we've done our best to generate a Reddit post that brings together the best of all the community posts we've seen over time; the simplicity of some, and the rich amount of information found in others. Including links to Wiki pages, information about the price, shop and and percentage by which an item's price has been reduced. The post looks like this:

Weekly Update Post

Can I Contribute?

This new system still relies on human input and the more people we can get onboard to maintain the inventory and updates, the better. So we're offering more moderation positions for anyone that wants to be a part of this, including those who have previously been publishing their own versions of these updates.

The web application that natively displays the updates is also something we'd like to tend to, possibly offering notifications and an app for users to install on their mobile devices in the future. It's also going to require some optimizations if we want people to be able to access it and have quick loadtimes/avoid the limits set by our provider (Google Firebase).

All these things require development effort and your guys' input and feedback, so it's always welcome! Any developers interested in becoming part of the project are always free to PM me or the moderator team and we can see about working something out.

Lastly, we want to explicitly note here that we don't have any agenda with this project. It's all offered for free, and we're doing it in the interest of having an unbiased, neutral post pinned weekly that you guys can rely on. The system is all about delivering you guys the information in the most convenient way possible, we understand your feelings about phasing out other members who have been doing this work in the past, but like we said, they aren't suddenly going to disappear, they're free to continue posting, but won't be getting pinned anymore in favor of a system that the mods are running themselves.

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