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Moderators abusing their permissions on PMA RP

GrandTheftAutoV3 - Moderators abusing their permissions on PMA RP

Hello everyone. I just wanted to leave a little review on the entire PMA server. Not just the game, but also the discord. I've been looking for a good RP server for a really long time. I tried a lot of them, but no server was really that good, but one day I found a server called PMA RP. I tried it out and I loved it immediately. The second I joined there were players already saying hello to me and showing me around in the city. Everyone was extreamly friendly and me and some friends had a blast playing there. Overall the server was one of the best I played on. But there's a catch. The moderators on the server are abusing their permissions too much. I heard some stuff about players being banned for the stupidest reasons or even no reasons at all, but I didn't really mind at first. But eventually my friend told me that he's been banned for no reason at all. I was extreamly pissed at that so I tried to help my buddy out. I complained in the discord that they banned him for no reason an he should be unbanned. They didn't really care at all and left him perma banned. He did absolutly nothing and he was PERMABANNED. I understand that you can get banned for a few days for doing something stupid, but a permaban for nothing? I was pissed. The other day, that we were playing without him I suddenly got disconnected and it said that I'm also permabanned. I was really pissed.

A month passed and I finally got unbanned. It took the support team 1 whole month to unban me and my friend. So we played again after soo long. Then, the day that the George Floyd thing happaned, the server decided to protest next to the police department. There was a bunch of people there, including some of my friends. One of my friends who was there shouted: "Black lives matter". It took no longer then 5 minutes for him to be perma banned. When he made a ticket and asked why he was banned, they told him that he said the n-word. They didn't give a single crap about proof or witnesses. They told him that the ban will stick and that there's no chance of him getting unbanned. He tried harder then ever to prove his innocence but they banned him from the discord as well. That's already 3 cases of false bans so far.


On their discord server, there's a text channel called #comedy-gold. It's a channel where the moderators post funny things from the discord and the community overal. The owner, Chris, posted a screenshot of an anonymous email from a guy that has also been playing on the community. It was the same story. He was complaining about the moderators abusing their permissions. The mods made fun of it, but for me and some other people, it was very relatable.

And the last thing that was compleatly disrespectful and crossed the line for me was when I've been banned because of a bug. I did the right thing and opened a ticket. I told them that I'm permabanned because it bugged out for me and if they can fix it up. We were discussing the problem with some mods I've talked to earlier and it went pretty good. But then, of course came a really disrespectful moderator and told me that I'm banned and that he doesn't care about anything. He closed the ticket. I already had a bad feeling about that. I opened another ticket told them the same thing again and he closed it again telling me: " Last warning, stop making tickets. You were banned on another account because you broke the rules, now you are trying to come back on another account claiming it was a bug." He was playing smart and didn't know anything about it. I didn't care about his warning and made one last ticket saying that I don't want him to interfere and that I want to solve the problem with the moderators I've delt with before. They said that It's okay and we went on solving the problem. And of course I was banned from the discord. No reason at all. I've had all the proof they needed. I had everything they wanted, but they didn't even let me prove a point.

Now, I don't care if I'm banned. I don't care if I get unbanned. I'm just doing this for the people who enjoy playing on PMA. I'm doing it for all the friendly people in the community. I don't want them to end up being banned like me and my friends. What's going on on the server right now is wrong and stuff needs to change. Thanks for taking your time reading this, and I would be more then greatful if you help us change the server for better. Once again, thank you.

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    Boo Booski
    Oct 23, 2020 9:37 pm

    Is saying “Black Lives Matter” on a RP server appropriate?

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