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Okay so basically the game takes place in Vice City, set in modern times, we see the after effects of everything that happened in the first game. The game centers around the Vice City (Miami) party scene; neon nightclubs, strippers, coke, fast cars. We play as a driver for some kind of gang or cartel and slowly throughout the game we move up in the organization to the point that we become right hand man to the kingpin.

I think it's important to move away from GTA V; no Los Santos, only one main character, no bank heists. This game focusses more on drug deals and trafficking. Shit like that. Still lots of shoot outs, car chases and so on.

On top of that we can explore a new place too. We know Vice City is based on Miami so they could also add an Orlando based city. Much like how they added Sandy Shores in GTA V. If you've ever been to Orlando you know there's a lot of poverty there and a lot of businesses based on the tourism.


I think there is a lot of potential for new characters such as a florida soundcloud rapper type character. Also you can add in a giant theme park to parody Disney World. And have the CEO be some crazy guy. On top of it we can explore people stricken by poverty because of the theme park (if you've ever seen the movie the Florida Project).

Finally they can add a Kennedy Center with a flyable rocketship. It would be really stupid but super crazy and fun. Imagine being able to sky dive from space.

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