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My money making routine. Hope these general tips helps business owners, and those willing to help, and make money.

GrandTheftAutoV8 - My money making routine. Hope these general tips helps business owners, and those willing to help, and make money.

English is not first language, so pardon any mistakes.

I've been making around 4 million a day these Corona virus days. It's the same method I always do, but since I am online a lot, money has been been coming in pretty well.

Arcade computer is not a must, but is sure makes live way easier.

I get online, spawning in my arcade, and go check my business straight ahead (on the central computer). Like ALWAYS, I buy my ressuplies for the bunker, Mc business (except fake document factory, that's shit is not worth it, but I keep it running because of nightclub). Speaking of nightclub, check that as well, making sure no product is stalled (one of the best things about the central computer, makes it easier to check that. Before arcades, my technicians would constantly work on the same shit before I had the patience to make the trip to the nightclub to change that).

With that done, I usually go play what's on 2x/3x money, IF it is something I like (don't need to say I haven't been playing this week, motors wars sucks and it doesn't even pay that great, even with 3x$).

If I want to make money, but the 2x$ sucks, I usually go race, because most likely I'll win (not flexing, I'm just very experienced, almost 2000 wins and 1200 losses on races). From time to time, I'll go to the arcade to check everything again.

Now, about selling shit.

First of all, no matter what/quantity you are selling, always try to invite your MC mates to your business; that way, there's a chance you'll get an easier delivery (like duffle bags) instead of post op vans and shit. I'm so fucking tired of people not accepting my invites, only for them to drive for 5 minutes from the airport to my business when the sell starts, to pick up a van, a plane, garbage truck etc. BE SMART, HELP YOURSELF AND YOUR MATES, AND GO INSIDE THE BUSINESS.

IF you're selling solo, buy 1 ressuply (75k), and then sell that 1 ressuply. If you have some friends or randoms on your Mc, is up to you selling like that, or waiting to sell a full business.

This is entirely up to you, but I wouldn't sell a full business by myself, even if you're some kinda of Rambo, your shit is gonna be sitting at your business, unattended, for many minutes. Sitting ducks. Plus, theres a 99%chance you'll get post op vans, etc don't expect the get "1 big bag" to deliver. I noticed that even that 1 big truck is less likely when selling a full business solo.

If you get a bunch of randoms that don't help, don't "fire" them between sells; remember, they may not help, but are waaaay less likely to destroy tour shit than if they were not in your Mc club/securoserv (I wish I could say IMPOSSIBLE to destroy your shit..).


Now, about selling on a empty lobby: I play on Xbox one, and I've done that. But to be honest, I prefer selling on a full, "calm" lobby. You make way more money, and if you get destroyed, you can always reset the game. If you never can't get people to your mc/securoserv, keep selling small quantities, like I said before.

Plus, is not that hard to get people to help, just give a couple minutes. And BTW, give them positions in your Mc (road captain, vice president and shit). Not only it is helpful for those who know what they are doing (you can spaw a helicopter as a road captain), but I noticed that people tend to help more, is like they are "proud" of being a vice president/etc. And those that will leave the session mid sale and leave you hanging, tend to quit the session as soon as you give them the position, better than mid sale.

Finally, general tips: don't attack people that aren't attacking you; they will come after you when you are vulnerable. Plus, there are a lot of people on oppressors willing to cover you (like myself), and not kill you. Be smart, don't get out of your gargabe truck and shoot that guy on a opressor that has been following you for 30 seconds. If he wanted you dead, YOU WOULD BE ALREADY. Also, Lester is your friend, call him and hide yourself for a minute when entering the city, or approaching players: 500 bucks is a great investment, better than losing cargo/quitting sessions and starting all over again. Even when you notice that you didn't actually needed to do that, is always a good investment. About the deliveries itself: learn the best routes (avoid the mountains with slow vehicles, even if it means a longer route), and remember, you don't need to actually drive the garbage truck backwards to the checkpoint, you don't even need to stop, just spam the dpad when you pass the checkpoint, same thing with helicopter deliveries. I'm able to deliver every type of FULL business sell by myself, without help, doing that and using a oppressor mk1 (except a full bunker with those damm dune buggys). Ah, and do try to use a mic, it will make your team mates stick around more, but don't over use it, keep it on mute when not talking, and make sure everyone has their chat set to MOTORCYCLE CLUB, and not EVERYONE.

I think thats it for now, hopefully some or all of this will help someone out there. Making money legit is an art, and to me, one of the things that makes this game fun.

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