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My thoughts on the Cayo Perico Heist (Mild Rant)

GrandTheftAutoV6 - My thoughts on the Cayo Perico Heist (Mild Rant)

So just finished the Cayo Perico Heist for the second time, both solo. Some spoilers so you've been warned.

End score
re0Wucp - My thoughts on the Cayo Perico Heist (Mild Rant)

here if interested.

So the first time through I went in the drainage tunnel and tried sneaking but was found quickly. I didn't pay for any extras (but did all the setups, even the ones I didn't use) beside suppressors. It was a fun run and gun to get the files and steal a bike to run to where my sub was waiting with just the files and a certain special loot hidden in the desk.

The second time I found guard uniforms at the airstrip and the truck at the main dock, so I gave the sneaky approach a chance I came in at night, took out a few guards, changed, took out the power and control tower, and unlocked a few of the lockups near the field. After sneaking through the woods because I didn't know how well the disguise was and if it would hold up to me driving to the truck. I got to the truck and no problem to get in. Once inside, there was some goofs on my part, which mainly caused me to die and accidentally quit the heist, but getting back here was much quicker.

This time I also bought the helicopter back up in case it did go south, I would have some cover as I biked out. I went to go in the back way to the vault I found the first time through, but it needed a key, so I had to stealth around and kill some guards to find one (silenced shotgun at night in a storm is pretty great for this) I had only had to kill 4 guards up to this point (well 2 actually, the other 2 were just taking too long to move away from the power station and the control tower) and only one inside the compound. A few tries later and I found it on one of 2 guys I was having the hardest time killing stealthily (turning out at night you can just pretty much walk up next to them from the side and blast them). This just shows why it's best to leave secondary looting for the end if you are sneaking.

Back to the vault was easy and soon a pink diamond was mine (I have since learned that for my next go I should have been lucky to get a necklace it seems, but lucky me I guess). I then also figured I'd go up to the office since no one was down here to watch me take forever to hack the elevator. A quick safe raid and back down to sneak out the best I could. Walking out the front gate the was a poor guard next to a bike, and soon I was scooting in the dark, the disguise seems to work well enough because even my blasting through gates with a mask that had appeared on my head after I left the gate didn't seem to alert anyone. I rode all the way to the airstrip and almost knock over the guard in front of the hanger, I grabbed some drugs for my carry on and noticing that the former white dot was now red, I had one more blast to do and then off in the plane, 1.5 million richer and no one the wiser.

So if you read through all that or just skipped down here to see me get to the point, my actual thoughts are this:

  • The actual Heist is very fun, especially as a solo player whose friends no longer play regularly and am scared from trying to get randoms to do the original heists. The ability to adapt on the go is very cool (though to me it seems like if I was soloing I would just die and restart from a check point if I was aiming for stealth).
  • The setups themselves are pretty fun, there is enough variety that they don't seem to repetitive, and the disruptions are a bit nail biting since there is only one chance (and one is a bit annoying since it doesn't seem to let you use homing missiles on the bad guys)
  • The real killer here is the scoping mission, it supremely sucks, almost so to make me not really want to play the heist again. It's boring, and takes way too long. I would pay a huge amount of money to have it auto done for me, even if it only found 1 of each gear. Or even if once you got access to the CCTV, you could use the other cameras on the island to find more of the things that really matter, such as guard uniforms and the truck since those seem to be the most important things to decide on approach.

The only reason I even consider going a third time is to pick up the shotgun I forgot to look for the second time around, which I doubt I will ever use since I have 2 other ones that have way more use. The money wouldn't be too bad if the scope didn't suck so bad, but I'm not in need of money. If you want painless money, then get a second account when the game is on sale (or a friend), set up an afk capture playlist and get an easy million overnight or 2 almost 3 if you leave it on in the background during the day too. Also, my favorite money maker to actually play are the Nightclub sell missions, they have a great payout to time spent ratio (I do the special sales so small easy missions) the only drawbacks are the time to accrue goods, which you can get around if doing the afk playlist or just any other sort of messing around in the game, and the fucking trap that is the Mule Custom.

Some additional thoughts on the update: The Submarine is okay, the fact it is drivable is a cool surprise. However, like all previous command vehicles, the integration with other stuff is terrible, why can't I move my control center from my arcade here? The vehicles are okay, you can put a submarine car including the new much better one in it, which is actually useful. The other submarine is crap, but so are the ones it replaced, and it is less crap than those, and doesn't annoy you if you have bought it so far (Fuck you Mule Custom). The helicopter is okay, it is functional, but has many annoyances, like only seating 2 (even the super risky hold on to the sides like on the Dodo would have been nice). There are many other helicopters I would have rather been able to use (Like the Akula a helicopter named after a submarine, the float version of the helicopter included, the other stealth helicopter introduced in this update, the Tula or something similar) and the option to chose anything would have been nice. Would have also been nice to store the Oppressor MK. II here. Would also love if this (like very other update) could have been slightly more integrated with the yacht, like having the sub spawn under it and a hatch to get to it and undock (I love my yacht, why won't you let me do more with it?). Also, while I haven't had much an issue with it, since I avoid public lobbies, it seems like such an oversight to not have your sub dive when you leave it and just stay on the surface. When you summon it, it does a cool surface when you get near, would be so useful if you could tell it to stay hidden as much as possible if there was room under it to dive and only surface when you leave or approach with you helicopter.

TL;DR The heist and set ups are pretty good, but ruined by the terrible, boring, long scoping mission. Because of that it isn't fun enough to do on it's own (other than the first to see it and get free fast travel for your submarine). It also isn't fun or money making enough to be worth doing to make money fast. Also fuck the Mule Custom.

Thanks for coming to my TED Talk.

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