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My thoughts on what Trevor Phillips suffers from mentally

GrandTheftAutoV10 - My thoughts on what Trevor Phillips suffers from mentally

So I’ve seen some discussions here and there about what Trevor could be suffering from and why I don’t disagree with what I’ve seen theorized but as a guy who came from a home with a fucked up step-dad and a mother who had done massive research to try and help sustain the low life of a man he was, along with therapist opinions on my step-dads condition from what my mother told them., I’ve got a pretty clear idea of trevors mental issue and why he is so all over the place and sometimes, predictable.

So with a tad bit of my backstory to help with this theory, let’s get into it.

I’ve played GTA 5 practically since the first year of its existence and have beaten the game 5 times and am currently in my way to my first ever 100 percent of the game. I have seen trevors cutscenes quite a lot and his behavior and still love the character. Assuming everyone here has played the game and has at least beaten the main storyline of the game, I don’t need to get into much explaining of his character behavior, as we all know how Trevor acts.

My theory on Trevor and his mental health is that Trevor clearly suffers from Severe Psychosis for a start. Those who wanna research this mental issue can do so, now i don’t believe Trevor suffers as much from the symptoms of this such as delusions, or hallucinations. It is probably a small factor of his mental health, being why he sees himself as the all mighty when it comes to who calls the shots in some cases, or in other cases being where he blames his irrationality for his actions or others for why he does such things. The delusions I feel are more prominent than hallucinations. The side mission where Trevor meets his mother his one instance where hallucinations is a small factor in his life that still affects him in some way, shape, or form.

Depressed mood is also a symptom of this mental issue and is clearly a main problem in his life, for multiple reasons, such as his best friend being “dead” for nearly ten years while mourning him daily, while also having brad in “jail” also contributed to his already apparent illness. It’s also clear this symptom is apparent due to the tattoo on his neck saying “cut here” showing also the suicidal part of his illness. Those are a few symptoms that play a major role but I won’t go into others for severe psychosis, just to make this post a tad shorter.


Another mental issue I believe he suffers from is Borderline personality disorder (BPD) for the most obvious reasons being how he can’t control his behavior or emotions during more struggling situations. One example could be during the opening cutscene where we first play Trevor in Sandy shores. The interaction with Johnny shows that when Trevor is confronted, he finds it difficult to solve the issue rationally, while also trying to control his emotions towards Johnny. While Trevor was in the clear wrong, he didn’t like being shown he’s bad, therefore causing the death of Johnny, as he couldn’t seem to control the anger within towards himself and took it out in pure rage. Trevor clearly suffers from all symptoms of BPD. His self image isn’t good to him, so if something goes against an image he wants for himself, then he will take care of anyone who stands in the way of giving him glory.

The only other mental issue I believe he could be suffering from is Schizophrenia, while this also causes delusions and hallucinations, I believe these just mix with the psychosis talked about before. The symptoms I’m speaking of from this disorder, is the extremely disordered thinking he has. Trevor states during a conversation that he clearly doesn’t care for you if you are useless to him, but this isn’t the only reason Trevor will kill from what we have seen. His reasons or impulsive actions towards situations highly suggest his thinking is everywhere and he doesn’t exactly think about why he does most things aside from what he feels is right, or what works best for him, and probably many other reasons as well. It’s hard to say because of how everywhere his mind is in heated moments.

I hope I was able to make things pretty clear with good info. Please feel free to comment down below on your thoughts, maybe there is something I missed? Either way, I’d love to see what others think on this, I wanna have a good knowledgeable talk on this subject, it truly does interest me.

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