Grand Theft Auto V

Newbie buddies LFP’ers

GrandTheftAutoV9 - Newbie buddies LFP'ers

Hey there!

(Feel free to remove this post if it's not allowed. I did read the rules, but still.)

So we're a pair of buddies who's very new to the game, we just completed our first heist and we've been doing some missions as well, but now we seem to be hitting some blocks on the roads. The game demands more people on the next heist.

We usually keep to ourselves, just the two of us, in a closed friend session. It's not because we hate strangers, we don't, I'd say we're pretty darn friendly. We just hate mean muffinheads, so going with total strangers at random is a russian roulette every time.

We're new. We need people who understand that, and understand that also means that I forget how i put my mask on and might ask a gazillion times. We need people who are willing to teach and have the patience to let us learn. Yesterday we did the same part of the heist close to 10 times over and over again cause my buddy is a slow learner too, but we got through it. We both fumble and we both make mistakes, and we can't have people who rips our faces off when that happens, but we are willing to learn.

My buddy is a reckless guy if you ask me. He'll stay in place and shoot absolutely everything even if an army of enemies is swarming us, but his reaction time when it comes to facing enemies head on isn't bad. He rushes things, so if you'd like to kill some people, then you need to be ahead of him, cause they'll be dead once he's there. His driving is just as reckless, he'll speed and keep speeding, so there's a lot of sharp turns that takes him by surprise. He can fly the chopper, but he has a hard time understanding that it's your front, if you're sniping/shooting, that needs to face the targets, not his. He has a rocket launcher too and he's a big fan of sticky bombs, just not of warning you before he uses them.


I'm a much more careful person myself, perhaps I'm too careful at times. It's a little hard for me to judge while I run with my buddy. I'm definitely a better sniper than I am at running at enemies like I'm possessed by the spirit of a mass murderer. I need time to think and absorb what's happening around me, and what I need to do, and I might be too quick to conclude a quick escape is the way to go, not the stand and fight the army one. I'm a careful driver too, I'd rather go slow and take my time if that means getting to point B from point A in one piece. If speed is demanded, then I probably still am a careful driver. Not that I don't speed, I can go fast, I'll also happily play a snowplow and mow my way through through the police, doesn't mean I won't slow down to get whole through that sharp turn or stop looking out for the other traffic to hit as little as possible though. I do not fly, but I drive anything with wheels on it, and i do not have anything like the rocket launcher either. I'm a happy sniper.

We play in closed friend session as mention, on PC, and we do not use discord. I own a teamspeak channel we use instead. This doesn't mean we're looking for friends, it's not a forced friendship, but if we vibe with each other that'd just be awesome.

So that's a little bit about us. I'll try my best to answers questions if there are any.

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