Grand Theft Auto V

Official Shitty Meme Contest on r/gtaonline

GrandTheftAutoV4 - Official Shitty Meme Contest on r/gtaonline

**Coming up on April 16th at exactly Midnight GMT until exactly 23:59 GMT on April 16th (Time Zone Converter) we will be holding the first ever Shitty Meme Contest here on the sub.**

As many of you are aware, and often lament, we get a lot of terrible, repetitive memes on the sub. So we have decided to have a sort of purge day for shitty memes, and make a contest out of it as well.

For a 24 hour period we will be allowing users to post their worst, most pathetic, and all around terrible GTA Online related memes here on the sub, and will allow people to vote for the worst meme of them all.

The winner of the contest will be awarded Reddit Platinum and receive a custom flair denoting them as the Shittiest Meme Master in the worst shade of greenish-brown we can find.

After the 24 hour period is over, the top shitty meme (most upvoted) will be announced and the OP awarded their prizes.

The rules:

  1. All posts that wish to be considered MUST use the "Shitty Meme Contest" flair that will be made available at the start of the contest
  2. All memes MUST be GTA Online related. Any entries deemed by the mods to not be on topic will be disqualified and removed
  3. Only one (1) entry per user account. Multiple entries will be removed and the user disqualified
  4. All memes must conform to the rules of the sub, except for the repetitive meme rule of course. No excessive profanity or vulgarity, racism, nudity, pornography, etc…
  5. All entries submitted before the start time, or after the conclusion of the contest will not be considered
  6. If two people post the exact same meme (wording and all) only the first post will be eligible, and the copy will be removed.
  7. In the (unlikely) event of a tie, the post with the most comments will be declared the winner
  8. If multiple posts both receive the same number of votes, and the same number of comments, then a "meme-off" will be held to determine the winner. Details will be announced if necessary.

All decisions regarding eligibility or adherence to the rules are at the sole discretion of the moderation team, and all decisions are final.

Any evidence of trying to game the system, like posting in other subs to come here and vote for your post, or any other un-sportsman like actions, will result in immediate disqualification and possible ban from the sub.

Upon completion of the contest, the rules regarding repetitive and/or low effort memes will go back into effect, so take this opportunity to get it out of your system.

Warning! For those easily triggered by repetitive memes, please stay clear of the sub until the conclusion of the contest. You've been warned.

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