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[PC] Performance problems

GrandTheftAutoV8 - [PC] Performance problems


The problem:
I currently have the problem that GTA V and GTA Online (RS Social Club, not Steam) are stuck at around 25-40 fps even when I'm using the lowest possible graphics settings, windowed mode, and the lowest possible resolution.
I've tried many things to solve this probem but nothing helped (i'll list everything i've tried below).
I don't think that it's a hardware problem because I've already played GTA V with high graphics settings on this pc with the same setup and i usually had 60 fps @ 1080p.
When i use the highest settings possible now i'll get the same amount of FPS as with the lowest settings.
No major software/hardware changes have been made in the meantime. Other games like Rust, Black Ops 3 or Dead Rising 4 are all running on 60 fps with high graphics.

My PC:

Computer Type: Desktop PC

GPU: PowerColor AMD Radeon RED Devil RX 480 8GB GDDR5, no overclock

CPU: Ryzen 5 1600


RAM: Corsair Vengeance 2x 8GB RAM, 3000 Mhz

OS: Windows 10 x64 1709


Hard drive: Windows is installed on a 500 GB SSD with a read/write speed of ~500 Mb/s. GTA V is installed on a 2 TB HDD with 180 Mb/s read/write-speed.

What I've already tried:
– different graphics settings and resolutions. currently i'm on the lowest possible settings, windowed mode , 1024×768 resolution. turning vsync on or off has no effect.
– different drivers. currently i'm running the newest AMD drivers (18.9.3) but the problem also occured with the following driver versions: 16.8.2 & 17.7.2
– compatibility mode (windows 7/8)
– killing all background processes (including all Razer background apps & services)
– disable Antivirus & Defender temporarily
– high process priority for GTA5.exe
– remove the 'Social Club'-folder

What I didn't try but i will if you tell me to do so:
– Reinstall the game
– I also have GTA V on Steam because my brother 'family shared' it with me but i never installed it. I could try to install it and see if it has a better peformance than GTA V on Social Club.
Any ideas?

Thank you for all helpful answers

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