Grand Theft Auto V

Playing alone in a public lobby – no longer possible?

GrandTheftAutoV1 - Playing alone in a public lobby - no longer possible?


So, to cut it short, there is a way to turn a public lobby private by opening the resource manager and suspending the GTA 5 process. Do this for a short while, then continue again – and you'll be placed in a public lobby on your own.

Now, i understand that this goes against the point of GTA online, but i'll just be clear: I dont enjoy the public game mode most of the time at all. Too many modders, and half of them are straight up doing nothing but ruin your game (especially after it's gone f2p a while ago, im sure that these people have gotten 'burn' accounts to keep using, the amount of modders i've met in the last few weeks is nothing short of staggering) or people that actually just play without the mods that got an Oppressor to basically have a free 'i win' button for any person that doesn't have fancy and overpriced weapons or vehicles to even the odds. Let alone do a mission in a public lobby and you don't have access to anything to retaliate with.

Even if neither of these are the case, the playerbase seems to be infested with a lot of toxic and childish people. They dont bother me when i dont bother them, but having to read the nonsense being spouted in chat over and over just irks me. I've also had huge slowdowns and rubberbanding occur in some public sessions as well, as it turns out from my experience when playing PvP missions, quite a few people have terrible internet and/or old hardware. Sometimes it's so bad that it's hampering the game experience.


Simply put, i just dont enjoy the game in a public lobby at all, and i wouldn't be playing anymore if it was my only option to be in large public lobbies. Turning a public lobby that i can play with my friends or sometimes solo when i feel like it was the remedy to all of this. Sometimes people would join the lobby, but it'd take quite a while or i could just repeat the process and end up alone again, re-invite my friends, and we're good to go again. We're having fun, and all of us are not having fun in public lobbies all for the reasons listed above. We sometimes play missions, hunting pack remix is a real favorite and i enjoy the Arena Wars matches as well. In both cases i have to play with others, but that's alright because we choose to engage in PvP content.

I am aware that you can have a completely private lobby as well, but it bars you from almost all missions and ways to make money or even have fun. The amount of money we get in comparison to what the prices are are already so tediously high, money-making is quite low on my list of priorities as it is, but i would like to have the opportunity to be able to at least get something fancy that i would like to own.

Whilst turning a public lobby to be alone again is still possible, recently it's started filling up with 'randoms' very fast, very quickly, usually at least one within 5 minutes. This wasn't the case before. It's become impossible to just play with my friends or alone now.

Has anyone else experienced the same issue? Have you found anything against it? Otherwise me and my mates will probably quit playing the game entirely. There's no more fun to it for us otherwise.

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